Covid-19: A New Normal?

The truth is, we have already been here. Over and over you may be hearing the phrases, “This is unprecedented” and “We’ve never experienced anything like this.” In this present life, no we have not had a pandemic of such proportions, but history has many examples of such medical, natural disasters. The Black Plague, otherwise known as the Bubonic Plague, ravaged Eurasia in the 1300’s and is eerily similar to what the world is experiencing today. With Italy suffering so much loss, its doctors unable to fully cope with the sick, and the disease spreading globally with outstanding speed and consequences, much like it did in the Medieval era, the phrase “history repeats itself” is a haunting echo instilling fear in our hearts today. Fear, despair, anxiety, loneliness, and general suffering is rampant in the world today. I would posit that these emotional and spiritual pains have been affecting us all along and that this pandemic is simply amplifying them or bringing them to the conscious mind for the first time. However, despite this wave of chaos that is now in nearly everyone’s home, it is important that not only do the history records tell of the catastrophes but also the triumphs. Humanity, we, survived the Black Plague and so we will survive this pandemic of Covid-19, too. The question that remains, then, is what’s going to happen after? When will we go back to normal? Is this our new normal?

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MUST READ!/The Blog is MOVING!!!

Hello everyone!

I have been working for weeks, non-stop, to bring you a great surprise. I’m excited and hope that you will be too. So here it is: theimportant1111blog is moving! theimportant1111blog is moving to its new home. I’ve been working all day to iron out the final kinks at the new site and I think it is ready for you guys. I hope to see you there and that I won’t lose you.

The content is going to be the same, if anything it will be improved. Everything will be a step up from what it is today at WordPress. The new site is mobile friendly, dynamic, tailored to the blog’s needs, and there are forums! Some of you had mentioned a desire to be able to communicate with others dealing with similar situations. You will now be able to do so at the new website. Let’s build a community where we can freely and safe exchange ideas, beliefs, and experiences. Everything you need to know to get started is available at the new site, so be sure to explore the About sections, the forums, and to subscribe.

I want you to know that I would not have done this huge change without the support that I have received from you guys. The messages I have received from some of you have been nothing short of inspirational, so thank you.

I know I’ve been promising an announcement all day today and for the past week or so, and I know this post is going out late for those of you in the US, but I ran into some technical difficulties. The site is new, but it is ready for your exploration. However, because I wanted to get the ball rolling, not all of the posts that are here at the important1111blog are over there. This means that the blog is still in a transitional period and it should last this whole coming week. I will post here again to let you know when the transition has been completed and all of the posts have settled into their new home.

There are two new posts at the new site: Welcome to the New Blog and Fear of Getting a Tarot Reading.

Here is a list of the new posts that will be published tomorrow:

  • Reincarnation, Love, and Soul Mates
  • Twin Souls and the Pain They Cause

Here is a list of posts for later this week:

  • Hot Post/Sex Toys: How to Use them on a Female Partner
  • Etymological Post: Tantra
  • Greek Polytheism: Connecting with the Gods

So I hope that you guys will make the move with me. Our Facebook page will not be affected. New post updates from the new site will also be posted through the current Facebook. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, you will also receive updates. However, email is the surefire way to get all of the new posts because I sometimes forget or don’t have time to update my social media.

I will not be posting new material at this blog. I am not certain what will happen to this site, I might turn it to Spanish entirely. But eventually the posts will disappear, so, again and I know it might be getting annoying, subscribe to the new website. For a little while longer, I will continue to respond to comments posted here, but when the transition is complete, I will no longer respond. Main reason for that is that I will not have time. Secondly, it starts to get hectic and unmanageable getting messages from various platforms and I want to be able to respond well and in a helpful manner, so I need to maintain organization and clarity.

This is an exciting time. I hope to see you at the other side.


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Symbols: The Butterfly

the-butterfly-of-apollo-.jpg.jpegThe butterfly is a beautiful, small, creature that carries on its wings messages of the universe. There are many ways a butterfly flitting by can be interpreted. Someone may say the appearance of butterflies in a garden is nothing more than nature proceeding through the motions of the seasons; it is only Spring. Someone else may say butterflies are just insects that are nice to look at. For another, a butterfly may be an omen, a message from divinity. The truth is, butterflies are all of these things; they are a sign of nature’s procedure, they are just insects, and they can be omens.

When seeing butterflies often and when it seems strange, like it means something, here are the things you need to pay attention to in order to decipher its significance and meaning: color, size, and behavior. You should also be aware of how you feel and your surroundings (Daytime? Indoors, park, garden, or sidewalk?). How you feel the moment you witness this omen, whether it is inanimate or breathing, will tell you a lot about why you are seeing it. For example, if you are walking down the street feeling a bit glum and suddenly a butterfly circles around you, it may be Spirit’s way of trying to cheer you, trying to tell you to have hope, to look around and notice what is good and beautiful. (Read this post to better understand how omens work.)

Butterflies are often a symbol of love and romance. We associate butterflies with the feminine, with softness, and with the blooming of Spring. That being the case, when the butterfly omen is recurring in your life it could signify femininity, beauty, gentleness, and so on. It may also be a reminder to put these things (gentleness, kindness, etc.) into practice. It may also be a reminder to appreciate beauty, both within and around you. In its blooming aspect, the butterfly can signify the beginning of something new. It can be a new romantic relationship or a new phase in life. It relates more to new beginnings and to phases that will pass quickly.

Most importantly, we have to remember that the butterfly was a caterpillar before it became what is presented before you. It is a simple fact and it may seem ridiculous to even mention it, but this minor detail can have profound meaning in your life. As from caterpillar to butterfly is a change, seeing a butterfly could signify a coming change, or that you are going through a change. But this type of change is more than that, more drastic; the appropriate word for this is transformation. So this means that you are either coming out of a transformation, or are currently going through one, or will be going through one and will come out lookin’ good and feelin’ free. For example, you may be feeling down, struggling with body image, struggling with feeling beautiful, or you may be going through something that has you feeling inadequate, dark on the inside, and depressed. Then the butterfly starts showing itself, calling your attention often. In a situation like this it may be a symbol of hope and encourage, a sort of reassurance and reminder that the result of the challenges and transformation will be amazing.

As it pertains to love, the butterfly may signify tender love and romance. Romance in the sense that you may feel inspired to write some love poetry or to show affection. It may also be an introspective sign of your longing for romance, love, affection, and a relationship. In order to distinguish which it is you have to pay attention to the butterfly’s behavior. Is it circling you? Did it almost land on you? Is it flying away from you? If it is circling you it could mean that love and romance is around you, approaching, and so on. If it lands on you or one of your belongings, it could mean that change is coming, that romance is in the future. If it is flying away from you (as butterflies naturally tend to do, but usually in cases like this intuition tells you there is some awareness, some consciousness, or something more beyond nature and what is perceivable causing the behavior. Plus, taking into consideration the previous synchronicities makes the butterfly’s movements seem significant.) then it could mean the romance, love, etcetera, is moving away from your life’s focus. It could also mean that you are striving for these things, chasing after them. Regardless of which meaning it could be, the butterfly omen is being sent as a way to cause you to reflect, to become aware of your state, how you feel, of what is happening in your life.

Another thing to consider when reading this omen is color. The color of the butterfly matters and affects its meaning. A black butterfly signifies an approaching death. Eerie as it may seem, in my experience, this omen has unfortunately never failed. In Central America, a large, black butterfly is an omen of death, especially if it enters the house and will not leave. I have had three experiences with such an omen. A white butterflies brings with it all the connotations attached to its color. White is often a color connected with purity and divinity. However, in some cultures white is the color symbolic of death. This is why omens are personal and everyone has to figure out his or her messages. Color interpretation is simple: red for passion, pink for love, yellow for friendship, and so on.

If you find yourself frustrated and confused, ask for guidance, ask for further explanation, for clarification. The universe will respond in a way that will help, but you have to be aware. Practice meditation and silence, receptivity, and that will make it easier to understand your world.





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