Twin Souls

Photo Credit: Melissa Portan

Twin Souls are Together Always. Even in the Dark.
Photo Credit: Melissa Portan

Twin souls are each other’s supreme compliments. Twin souls are also known as twin flames or twin rays. I prefer the term twin soul. Everyone has a twin soul and every one has soul mates. However, not all twin souls are on the physical plane, meaning that one soul might be on the ethereal planes while the other is here on Earth. But, it seems to be getting more and more common that twin souls are reuniting physically. And if not that, then more and more twin souls are communicating across universal planes of existence.

Love is something that I cannot sufficiently describe to you. To me, only music and images can express love more accurately. Music is vibrational, both by the laws of physics of the universe and because it touches us in ways that nothing else can. Images can say more than all the blogs, books, words, and languages of the world. The whole universe vibrates with Love and different densities of it and different colors of it to create the physical reality we are familiar with. Our souls are light, the color of our souls vary. Some say that the color of their soul is blue or red or white or clear. Our souls, at its purest form, vibrate with levels of light not visible and are weightless on the physical plane. Everyone has a unique vibrational frequency, everyone’s soul is unique, and is somehow recognizable. Twin souls have the exact same energetic frequency or vibration. Their essence is exactly the same. I cannot fully describe to you what twin souls look like in their spirit form, it is difficult, and all I can really tell you is that they are perfect for each other, they fit perfectly together, their light is bright and unified.

Twin souls are perfect for each other. This kind of perfection is not the perfection that we often think of. When I say that twin souls are perfect for each other I mean that they will see everything. With your twin soul you will recognize him immediately without ever hearing his voice and you will love him completely already knowing why. With your twin soul you won’t be able to hind anything from her, not even your regrets. There is nothing secret or hidden between twin souls. Sometimes, this can be the most difficult part of the relationship because one will push the other away wanting privacy or space. These things don’t exist in a twin soul relationship because their souls exist in the universe at the same energetic level in the ultimate higher plane. Looking into your twin soul’s eyes is looking into the eyes of God. Everything is visible and everything is being analyzed, judged, understood, and loved at once. There is nothing that can be kept from the other. This includes pain, fears, and anger. Twin souls share everything from the good and the bad. This is contrary to relationships with people we meet and with soul mates where we can hide our fears or regrets and we ignore parts of the other person that we don’t like.


Twin souls are perfect for each other because they are each other’s opposites. This means that they will always challenge each other. I do not mean that they will be competing with each other, although that does happen and sometimes twin souls push each other away because of it, but I mean that they will challenge each other with spiritual lessons and knowledge. The twin soul relationship is the most intense and consciousness expanding relationship capable of existing on the physical plane. It is possible for twin souls to work through lessons carried on from multiple, I mean multiple, past lives in the matter of months, days, and even hours. Any other relationship would not be able to handle the expansion or uncovering of so much emotion and knowledge in such a short amount of time. Past lives play an important role in twin soul relationships and often one or both has awakened and is able to remember. The lessons twin souls learn tend to be the same and their lives seem to be exactly the same, but they are each experiencing life differently and learning differently. They share very, if not identical, childhoods or they may have the exact opposite experiences. I think that when twin souls experiences are opposite to each other it is because they have many lessons to learn and need to do it in a certain amount of time. Having contrary experiences will be more challenging and will allow for more growth in less time. For example, one soul might have physical wealth while the other might live in poverty or mediocre situations. Situations like that will force both souls to appreciate their own lives and to understand with utter depth the life of the other.

A twin soul is the other part of your soul. Twin souls are always each other’s opposites physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. One is the masculine part of their Super Soul and the other is the feminine part. Therefore, twin souls couples are always female and male. This is because creation, both on earth and throughout the whole universe, requires opposing forces. Fire and fire create more fire. Water and water create oceans, rains, floods. But where will all that water go? Fire and fire will grow out of control. Water will flow endlessly to nowhere. Whereas if earth and water unite we begin to have mud, capable of being molded. And then if water falls on that wet earth we get plants, and we get trees, and we get Life.

Although twin souls are always heterosexual, it is possible for a gay man or a lesbian woman to connect with his or her twin soul. But in these cases, the twin soul relationship would not be a physical one. One soul would be on Earth while the other would be in the ethereal. One thing that is true about all twin souls relationships is that the relationship begins at the heart of the Soul.

Twin souls are two souls, yes, but they are ONE. Here is a breakdown of twin souls:

  • both share the same, single, Super Soul.
  • both have their own Higher Self.
  • both are their own spiritual Self. Meaning both have a whole, complete, independent, Soul. And so both have separate physical bodies and separate spiritual histories.

PyramidsThink of twin souls as a single pyramid where the very tip is where their unified Super Soul is seated. With each step closer to the ground the twin souls get separated further and further. From the tip of the pyramid where they are ONE, a complete Super Soul, they step down and exist in the same non-physical plane as separate Higher Selves. Then they lower more, closer to Earth, their light, their energies the same, but different in appearance and sex. As Higher Selves, they have their sex, either male or female, and they take on the physical appearance that most benefits them. They keep descending to Earth, and then they become a Soul, completely separate from the other. This is when one soul incarnates onto Earth and begins its physical life. This single soul, separate from its twin soul, lives lives over and over again, and each time that it dies it goes into the astral plane. It goes to the astral plane that is in the same vibration as its consciousness. And if when this soul left the physical plane it was in poor or dark or even evil consciousness, then it will enter the astral plane that will match it. When one soul dies on the physical plane and moves to the astral plane, the other soul incarnates. Though the souls are separated, they are always united, and they are always pulling on each other. When one soul is one Earth and the other is in a hell, the actions of the incarnated soul have the ability of pulling and guiding the other soul out. These activities happen unconsciously on the physical plane and purposefully on the spiritual plane, where the Higher Self feels the other pulling the other down, and refuses, both in love and self-preservation. And so, twin souls are always in a relationship, though it may not be known or felt for many many years. When each soul has learned enough that it is ready to be unified with the other soul, they both incarnate onto the physical plane. This does not mean that both will be born at the same time, but that they will be born in Time. Twin souls will be born in time to meet each other and grow together on Earth.








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  2. This is very helpful to understanding what I am going through now. I think I have met my Twin Soul. It is all very intense. I posted a poem tonight to try to express my feelings.

    • I’m so glad to hear that! Yes, it is a wonderful and intense experience…You kind of don’t know what is going on! But at the end of the day you’ll feel it in your heart, heart expanding without reason and connected to someone… Feel free to share your poem here too or link to it. I love literature!

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  8. Hi Melissa, This article was very helpful. I was in a long distance relationship for 11 years. THis year we were supposed to meet, in November’15 (this month) He promised me…we had plans. But he passed away on the morning of 31st October 2015. I am heartbroken and devastated. We had the same date of birth (different years). We always had this pull towards each other and on many occasions we would confess the familiarity we have with one another which went beyond the physical. He was a lot older than me…I loved him despite everything. I never figured out why there was such an intense connection between us. He would say…”It’s fate, it’s like I’ve known you forever”. Often we’d catch one another calling each other at the same time…For instance, I pick up the phone to check on him and just when i put the phone down, he calls. Whenever he was hurting, I would too…whenever I was hurting, he would too. After he left on 31st, I tried looking for answers and I landed on the concept of ‘Twin Souls” (and might I add, he was perfectly healthy physically, he died of a heart attack). Were we twin souls? I am very scared and confused without him. If we were..then will we ever meet again? I was so unlucky that I wasn’t able to be a part of his physical reality. It breaks my heart into a million pieces. Please tell me, would we meet again in the next life time?

    • Hi Charisma, I am very sorry for your loss. My condolences…

      I cannot tell you if you were twin souls. You have to figure it out on your own because only you can really know for sure. I can only highlight a few things about different relationships briefly for you. It seems that you two had some sort of telepathic connection, and yes it is a sign of twin soul relationships but it can also happen with very old soul mates, meaning soul mates that have met multiple times before. The twin soul relationship comes with a spiritual revolution and if you didn’t have one, then maybe this was not the type of relationship you had. However, twins know what the other feels at the moment it is happening.

      Someone else asked me the same question concerning reincarnation and twin souls. Here is my response: This is a very difficult question because there isn’t a single answer for everyone. It really depends. Here is a case where twins might reunite in another life: Say that the twins are together, but for some reason they separate. Maybe one of the twins dies or other relationships/people separate them. They go on and complete their lives and die. If they did not get to finish or complete their purpose or work, then they will eventually reunite in another life. It may be quick, meaning that it will be a successive life, right after the last life. But it can also happen that each twin will live other lives before finding each other again.

      So, there are different ways it can all happen and I hate that I can’t provide a definitive answer for you. But regardless of what type of relationship, soul mate or twin soul, people do reunite in other lives, especially when they love each other a lot.

      I hope you find your answers and comfort,


      • Thank you Melissa, for taking the time to reply to my comment. I have read so much about twin flames/souls since his death that I am very sure he was my twin. The things I’ve read…are so freakishly familiar. I just wish I had the opportunity to share this knowledge with him. But I was very unlucky. I used to say “…it’s like we’ve been born from the same mould.”

        I have faith…our souls will find each other again, and that reassurance alone makes me feel a little better.

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