Q & A 1: Where do you get this streaming from?

So, a reader and fellow blogger asked the question, “Where do you get this streaming from?” He was referring to the post, Twin Souls: Your Greatest Mirror. Kenne, has managed to anticipate several upcoming posts and I was unsure how to answer his question. Although it is a very simple question, basically asking what my sources are, divine or mundane, it is not so easy to answer, at least not how I want to answer it for you guys. I am really happy that Kenne has asked this question and I’ll always tell you to ask questions and to always ask for sources. Asking for sources is great, especially when you’re reading a book, because it will allow you to go and search for yourself. So, I will gladly answer the question and make it relevant to the whole blog. (Check out Kenne’s blog here. There is amazing photography there.)

First I want to talk about my writing. Not that the question is asking about my writing, but it is inevitable and I do want to be clear and honest and open with all of you. So, these words that you are now reading are all put together by me. As a writer I cannot stand the idea of plagiarism of any form, whether it is of photography (which is why I try my best to attribute and use CC images) or of ideas. Go here to read my message to you, my readers, on the topic. Whenever I am referring to another author’s work, you will know. Go to the sources page to read and know how I will cite my sources in this blog. These are, of course, the mundane sources, the physical sources that you can find.

Another way I interpreted the question was, “Are you channeling and who are you channeling or from where?” So when I write these posts, I am not channeling. I do not think that I will ever publish any channelings. (Here’s why.)

Now, as someone that loves many Gods and Goddesses, I feel deeply grateful for the lessons they have taught me and more so that I still feel connected to them. I want to be clear, that to read and extract something from this blog you do not have to have the same spiritual practice or beliefs as my own. I will always try to make it accessible for multiple aspects of spirituality and in a way it already happens naturally. It happens naturally because I am not just drawing from the lessons of one group of Gods but from others too.

Concerning spiritual matters, I have not had a formal teacher I can refer you to. No one has been my teacher. And even when I say that no one has been my teacher, this is not true, because everyone I have met has taught me something somehow. We are all in a relationship with the Universe and everything is here to teach us something. One person that knows me profoundly and loves me unconditionally and eternally, even in hate, has taught me many, many things. He is my companion and partner in everything. In this blog, he often helps me edit my writings and he often provides his male perspective. But this is very personal and unless there is value or it is necessary, I won’t delve into my personal relationships.

I meditate plenty. (Go here to read an introduction to meditation, there is a video at the end of the post.) Meditation is not what everyone seems to think it is. There are so many ways to do it and we will discuss those ways, some are very modern. Like, listening to Nirvana while doing yoga or meditating. But I come to you primarily from the Greeks, meaning the Greek Gods and their stories and my experiences practicing my form of spirituality. Go to the about me page to read a little bit about why I have made this blog. As a student of Latin and Greek, with a fascination with the literature of that time, I’ll be drawing from my education and sharing what I find relevant.

I can tell you that writing for me is like meditating. I get many ideas and stories just flow. But I won’t share with you anything that doesn’t feel right in my heart and does not achieve balance within my mind.  What you’ll find in this blog will be a mixture of things: opinions, spiritual theories, my own personal questions, personal experiences, and book references. If every you have a question about exactly about where I got my information for a certain post, please don’t hesitate to email me and ask.





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