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purple awarness crown chakra
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Crown Chakra/Awareness

Spiritual channeling is something that should not be taken lightly; not by those that are doing it or by those that are witnessing it. Some consider it to be the stuff of crazy people. Some don’t believe in them at all. But there are many that do believe in spiritual channeling and believe whole heartedly the messages being given.

Many claim to speak with divine beings or ascended masters or god. Much knowledge is given through these channelings. However, channelings should not be your source for knowledge or faith. There are many reasons for this and awareness is essential when searching for knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual guidance.

The first and most important reason why I won’t be writing or publishing any channelings is because I DO NOT claim to be any sort of messenger. I, in no way claim to be a messenger of God or of the Gods or of anyone. I do not have this grand idea of myself as being sent here by the divine on a specific mission or to deliver a message. I think we are all here for a reason and we all have cosmic reasons to live for.

I do have a clear purpose in life and what I mean by this is that I have found something I love to do and will do for the rest of my life; if it affects or ripples across various minds, then it does. This is why I am careful with what I write and how I write it because it might affect someone. And I want, when our consciences touch via my writing, the effect to be positive. Most that write about spirituality, or even anything, do not consider the responsibility that their words carry. Or they are keenly aware of what the effects of their work and intend nothing positive or something outwardly selfless and inwardly selfish. There are those that want to mold you, make you believe what they believe, what they think is right. Which is why I am weary of channelings found on the internet or anywhere else, but also of any spiritual information I receive regardless of its form. I tell you to believe what you want to believe. Take from here what feels good to you. Take from here what works for you. Come here with whatever beliefs you have; you are welcomed regardless. I do not claim to have definitive knowledge of anything however certain and secure I may feel in my own beliefs.

The truth is that somehow we are all messengers because we all reflect each other in different ways and we all are different parts of the same thing. I do not see myself as someone who is here to save anyone and that is what I dislike about channelings. People who do publish channelings, whether on video or through words, seem to have the idea that their message will save someone, that their message is true and accurate, and that they ARE YOUR connection to the divine.

It is a lie that anyone else can connect you to God or Source or the Gods, whatever you believe. We can only guide each other. We can only push each other. And we can pull each other back, keep another from evolving. Your connection to the divine is already established; it its free, you don’t have to pay a monthly bill or a one time fee. You don’t have to call customer support to connect to the higher levels of existence. The connection is already within you and there are many ways you can communicate. There are many languages, many signs, and many different paths that lead to the same thing.

Times are difficult. Things are difficult, but I am not sure if things are worse than they have ever been or if we are simply more aware of them now. We all go through desperation, hopelessness, fear, and we all want to know that we are not alone, that someone is out there watching over us. And for some, channelings calm those dark emotions. But for how long? A calm that does not come from within is not a calm that is true. It will not last.

Sometimes we want to be saved. From whatever it may be, we want to be saved. But when it comes to matters of the soul, only you can save you. This is because we all have freewill. We choose where we go: up or down. Then there is the matter of what salvation is. Different religions define salvation and how to get there differently. For those that practice a path that is more spiritual, salvation is more about a continual and increasing state of enlightenment; at least, it should be. The word salvation is not a word used frequently in spirituality because there are different beliefs and different philosophies in those practices.

And so, spiritual channelings are dependent on the beliefs and perspectives of the person doing the channeling. What people don’t know and misunderstand, is that a channeling, no matter what type of conscious is coming through, the information is still being interpreted by the medium. If the person is not educated enough on the topic they are speaking or writing on, then the information being put forth through the person may not be entirely true or accurate, regardless of there actually being a divine being there. If the person is not spiritually advanced or mature enough to handle the energy and the knowledge that they will be receiving, then again, the message will falter somehow. A channeling is not a direct message from a God or Goddess or Ascended Master or an Angel or an Archangel or even a Demon. This is the mistake most people make when they read or listen to or see a channeling. A channeling is a translation or an interpretation of what the Being is saying to him or her, and this person shares the message which is usually meant for the masses.

Unfortunately, there are people who need to feel they are being admired by many to get a sense of fulfillment. And some will say and do whatever it takes to get your admiration; secretly, your worship. We see it all the time. Celebrities. Famous, talentless people who are adored by the masses. It is worse and more dangerous when this happens in a spiritual arena. Why? Because this deals with your beliefs. Because this deals with what shapes your character, your philosophy, who you are. What part of you is more intimate than your beliefs, your philosophy of you and the world? Your opinions change. Your thoughts are difficult to follow. Your body changes easily. You die easily. You return to a new body. But what about those beliefs that grow within you and become a part of you. In the wheel of reincarnation you pick up where you left off because it is a circle. And so be mindful and aware of what you read, of what you follow, of what you practice.

Now, sometimes there is great information found in channelings. I am not telling you to not read or view spiritual channelings, only to be mindful and aware of what is being projected onto you. Sometimes by listening to these varying opinions or words we learn something. I have read channelings published in other blogs, I can’t remember which blogs, but I have learned one thing or another. Being a solitary practitioner is not easy and I have searched for wisdom in books, videos, and other blogs. And what reading channelings and other similar writings has done for me is it has strengthened my inner compass, that thing we all have hidden inside that guides us to what is true and right. So, if you want to read channelings, do so, just be aware of the motions within your heart.

Here, in this blog, we’ll talk about how to connect to your center, how to connect to your divine beings. It is all easier and simpler than you think.








A red rose. A symbol of love.
A red rose. A symbol of love.

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