Guide to 21st Century Sex Video

Here’s a video about sex. I found it on YouTube and thought it very educational and very useful. It does contain very explicit material and sex is being analyzed in a scientific manner.

From the website, “A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex” is a documentary series about everything sex, which ran for 8 episodes on UK Public TV in 2006. All 8 episodes here are in full, indexed and in chronological order.

Though the title has the word girl in it, I it is relevant to everyone. It is four or so hours long and talks about everything: sex positions, obesity, lesbian sex, sexually transmitted diseases, masturbation, and so on. It also has some really great tips!

00:00:00 EPISODE 1 (EPISODIO 1)

00:01:52 Female Orgasm (Orgasmo Femenino)
00:04:02 Female Ejaculation (Eyaculación Femenina)
00:07:09 Faking It (Fingiendo Se)
00:08:17 Oral Sex (Sexo Oral)
00:12:00 Sexual Position (Missionary) [Posición Sexual (Misionero)]
00:13:13 Foreplay

00:16:39 Climax
00:17:39 Gonorrhoea (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) [La gonorrea]
00:21:13 Overweight Sex [Sexo Sobrepeso]
00:24:54 Super size Model (Tamaño Super Model)
00:26:33 Lesbianism (Lesbianismo)
00:31:00 Strap Ons (Ons Correa)

00:34:30 EPISODE 2 (EPISODIO 2)

00:35:31 Clitoris
00:37:50 Clitoral Stimulation (La estimulación del Clitoris)
00:39:05 Finding the Clitoris (Encontrar el Clitoris)
00:40:39 Sexual Position (Doggie) [Posición Sexual (Perrito)]
00:45:45 Male Ejaculation (Eyaculación Masculina)
00:46:35 Penis Enlargement & Erections (Part 1) [La Ampliación del Pene (Parte 1)]
00:47:15 Erectile Size (Eréctil Tamaño)
00:51:53 Stretching the Penis [El Estiramiento del Pene]
00:52:48 Genital Warts (Las Verrugas Genitales)
00:58:02 Penile Severance & Reattachment (Pene Indemnización y Reinserción)
01:01:48 Cunnilingus (Oral Sex) [Con la Lengua (Sexo Oral)]
01:04:18 Penis Enlargement Results (Part 2) [La Ampliación del

Pene (Parte 2)]

01:07:39 EPISODE 3 (EPISODIO 3)

01:09:25 G-Spot (Punto G)
01:10:36 Finding the G-Spot (Encontrar el Punto G)
01:12:19 G-Spot Amplification (Punto G Amplificación)
01:14:00 Role Playing (Fantasy) [Juego de Roles (Fantasy)]
01:17:18 Sexual Position (Side Slide) [Posición Sexual (Slide Side)]
01:18:48 Erotic Massage (Masaje Erótico)
01:20:30 Preventing Premature Ejaculation (Squeeze Technique) [La Prevención de la Eyaculación Precoz]
01:22:13 Chlamydia
01:27:33 Small Penis Sex (Penile Lengthening) [Pene Pequeño Sex (Alargamiento del Pene)]
01:35:57 Pregnant Sex (Sexo Embarazada)

01:43:18 Male Masturbation (Masturbación)
01:48:15 Sexual Position (Reverse Cow Girl) [Posición Sexual]
01:50:05 Stimulating the Anus (La Estimulación del Ano)
01:52:03 Peyronie’s Disease (Bent Penis) [Enfermedad de Peyronie (Pene Doblado)]
01:56:48 Disabled Sex (Sexo para Discapacitados)
02:05:13 Female Multiple Orgasm (Orgasmo Múltiple Femenino)
02:07:40 Illegal Drugs (Drogas Ilegales)
02:13:30 Artificial Enhancement (Myosin) [Enhancement Artificial (Miosina)]

02:15:21 EPISODE 5 (EPISODIO 5)

02:17:04 Tantric Sex & Male Multiple Orgasms (Tantric Sex & Orgasmos Múltiples Masculinos)
02:20:26 Delaying Male Orgasm (Retrasar el Orgasmo Masculino)
02:22:44 Female Tantric Orgasm (Mujer Orgasmo Tántrico)
02:24:35 Sexual Position (Spoons) [Posición Sexual (Cucharas)]
02:26:24 Lubrication/Arousal (Lubricación)
02:27:11 Ejaculation (Precoz)
02:27:30 Sleep After Sex (Sueño Después del Sexo)
02:29:04 Impotence (Impotencia)
02:32:16 Penile Implant Pump (Bomba de Implante del Pene)
02:36:13 Erogenous Zones (Zonas Erógenas)
02:38:02 Syphilis (La Sífilis)
02:42:44 Anal Sex (Sexo Anal)
02:47:20 Rimming (Beso Negro)

02:49:08 EPISODE 6 (EPISODIO 6)

02:50:50 Group Sex & Swinging (Sexo en Grupo y Balanceo)
02:59:08 Sexual Position (X Position) [Posición Sexual X)]
03:00:09 Spanking (Nalgadas)

03:04:19 Lichen Sclerosis Disease (Vulva) [Liquen esclerosis Enfermedades]
03:11:57 Sex Toys (Vibrators, Anal Beads etc) [Juguetes Sexuales (Vibradores, Bolas Anales, etc)]
03:15:02 Bondage (Fetishism, Mummification, Sleeping Sacks) (Fetichismo)

03:22:28 EPISODE 7 (EPISODIO 7)

03:23:40 Aphrodisiacs (Food, Drug, Scent) (Part 1) [Afrodisíacos (Parte 1)]
03:28:00 Semen Taste (Semen Sabor)
03:29:13 Sexual Position (Splitting the Cicada)(Thin Penis) [Posición Sexual (La División de la Cigarra) (Pene Delgado)]
03:34:41 Genital Crabs (Cangrejos Genitales)
03:39:23 Older Age Sex (Including Full Size Dolls) [Mayor Edad Sexo (incluyendo Muñecas de Tamaño Completo)]
03:45:44 Reclaim Sexual Fitness (Reclaim Bienestar Sexual)
03:49:00 Sex in Public Places (Cottaging) [El sexo en Lugares Públicos]

03:56:00 EPISODE 8 (EPISODIO 8)

03:57:24 Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery (Labiaplasty/Designer Vaginas) [Cirugía Estética Vaginal]
04:03:18 Sexual Position (Lotus Position) [Posición Sexual (Lotus Position)]
04:08:22 Transsexual/Gender Re-Alignment (Part 1)[ Transexuales / Sexo Re-Alineamiento (Parte 1)]
04:14:22 What is Semen? (& Fertility) [¿Qué es el semen? (Y Fertilidad)]
04:20:16 Aphrodisiacs (Part 2) [Afrodisíacos (Parte 2)]
04:21:36 Transsexual/Gender Re-Alignment (Part 2) (Penile Removal) [Transexuales / Sexo Re-Alineamiento (Parte 2) (Eliminación del Pene)]

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