Twin Souls: Signs You Are Establishing a Connection

In the twin soul relationship multiple connections are made. There is the physical connection that the twins make when they physically meet. There is the spiritual connection that is always secretly there.  There is the emotional connection that is established when love exchanges between the twins. There is also the mental connection between the twins that allows for the exchange of thoughts and ideas. When the hearts and minds of the twins connect it establishes an energetic bridge between both of them that allows for a metaphysical type of communication. But how do you know that the connection is indeed established? How do you know a connection of any sort between you and your twin soul is starting to be established?

Note that the twin soul connection is always present. It is there since before you were born and had your first incarnation, since the timeless point where you and your twin were utterly one. What happens is the connection becomes dormant as the soul goes through lives and learns its various lessons. The twins don’t always meet physically first. For this type of relationship it is not necessary to first know the body, the voice, or the name of the person. At its most basic they twin souls have always known each other.

When the Time comes for the twins to finally meet, a few things happen. And when these things happen, the twins will most likely not be aware or will not fully know what is happening. The reason I use the word things here is because it is difficult to describe what happens before the twin soul meeting and before the twin soul connection is fully re-established or awakened. What happens to the twins varies from couple to couple. Different pairs of twins are in different cycles of their souls’ evolutions; meaning that some twins might be meeting for the very first time since their primordial separation while others might be at the stage where they are ready to ascend. Regardless, the changes before being aware of anything to do with the twin are subtle but deeply felt.

The first thing you might notice is what can be described as positivity. Although things might not be perfect in your life, there is a positive edge to everything. You feel comfortable with who you are and you think you know yourself completely. This is all happening before you meet your twin soul and perhaps before you even heard about the concept. You might be single and not even thinking about love, but there are moments in your daily life where suddenly you feel a warmth spread from the area around your belly button up the middle of your chest. And this feeling is warm and it is what we know to be love. But perhaps you perceive it as just a good feeling and give it no further importance. It is when these moments and that feeling become more and more consistent that you begin to notice it.  This happiness or love that you feel sometimes has no explanation and it comes and goes as it wills. There is also the reverse of it and it is just as inexplicable; sudden sadness overtakes you. You may have been fine all day and then suddenly sadness just enters you, the same way the warmth of love had entered before. *(Unknown Emotions.)

Dreams are an important aspect of spirituality. Dreams reflect your psychological state and your spiritual state. If you begin to have dreams where you are aware that you are dreaming it is a sign of your growing spiritual and mental awakening. Before the actual encounter between the twins each experiences a spiritual awakening separately and dreams may be a part of that awakening. Some twins might experience dreams. Maybe you’ve always been someone who believes in dreams and has had highly spiritual and insightful dreams. Having dreams about someone you don’t know and feeling deeply connected to him or her in the dreams is a possible sign of reconnecting to the twin, but only if the connection feels romantic (because it is possible to connect with other spiritual beings through dreams and feel much love, a different type of love). In these types of dreams it is not always possible to see the other person clearly, you just know who it is.

Numbers have meanings and for the twins repeating numbers commonly surround their lives. The numbers like 11 11, 3 3, 10 10, or even single digits begin to seem odd and standout. The time on a clock is always the same when you look at it unconsciously, for example. Numbers is just one way spirit guides and the universe communicate messages to twins and to humanity in general.

Another sign that you are beginning to reconnect with your twin soul is that you start making other connections. Animals are often spirit guides. Animals also carry messages with them. If a certain type of animal is always catching your attention, looking into what it symbolizes and what it means to you. If you have a pet that seems to be smarter than its species normally allows, it may be a spirit guide. The different types of connections that I’m talking about here are the ones you make with nature, with the natural world.  Perhaps you sense the oncoming Autumn while everyone is still at the beach in the middle of July. Sensing that there is something more than what you can see and what you already know is a precursor to a spiritual awakening and a spiritual awakening is, in turn, a precursor to the initial twin soul meeting.

Because this is the beginning of the twin soul relationship, of your relationship, things are very subtle and confusing. Often the twins deny that these things are happening because it may seem crazy, it does not conform to rationality, and no one seems to be experiencing the same thing. And even if the twins deny that there is such a thing as a twin soul, something deep down does not allow the denial to overtake it. Deep down the twins know that what is happening is real. This knowing does not come easily and it is tested with doubt and fear. If doubt and fear and even rational thinking fail to remove the love that the twins feel, or that you feel, then it because it is true and it is not going anywhere.






A red rose. A symbol of love.
A red rose. A symbol of love.



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  1. Thank you for this article. So many articles talk about what happens when you meet your twin flame but I haven’t met mine yet, but I did have a Kundalini awakening. And since the awakening I have had a secret desire to find my twin flame. Most times I look at the clock its 1:33 or 11:11 or 6:44. I feel that these are all signs that I will meet him someday, and if I don’t oh well but I can’t see all this happening and me not meeting him. Once again thank you.

    1. Hey, you’re very welcome! Yeah, the clock thing is weird. But it doesn’t just happen when the twin soul is coming. At the beginning, I think that it is very heavily tied to the spiritual and the twin. But later on, it takes on independent meaning, more personal and individual. Here is a very helpful and accurate website. It was very helpful to me and maybe it’ll be for you: And I love your attitude when talking about your twin. I think that’s the way to do it. It’ll happen when it happens. In the meantime, well, there is so much, love it.

    2. I’m currently going through it…it’s madness….I waited for him for 14 years since I knew about it much in advance. It’s a rollercoaster no doubt!

      1. You’re welcome! For new content go to the blog’s new home . It’s a little quiet now, I’ve been busy, but, there are some “new” posts.

        14 years is a long time!

  2. I really love your article on twin flames it’s more easy to understand I keep seeing 11:11 on my clock or phone and I think numerology plays a major role on twin flames on 11/29/2014 I heard his name on a tennis match around 1:11pm and my first dream about him on 1/11/2015 it so happens that my friend from my dream was their too and her birthday is 1/11/2015 my 2nd dream about him would be his birthday 1/25/2015 and I summed all the dreams I had and reduced them 2+2+7=11 and I have a 5secs that were making out on 2/17/2015 so it’s 9, 2+2+7=11+9=20=2(1+1) then I said to myself I’ll just forget about it and keep doing what I do then I always see his New Zealand his birthplace or Australia his current country, and songs that remind me of him on tv….This twin flame Signs is really something

    1. Wow! Those are amazing coincidences! Those can’t be ignored. I still don’t fully understand the role of numbers. They are messages from the universe, but why and how it all happens is a mystery. I mean, think about it; birthdays and tennis matches, separate things completely unrelated, happening in the world on their own separate track of time, suddenly come together and form meaning for you. It is like it was planned long ago, things happening exactly when they need to happen, you looking at the clock at the perfect moment. Then there are times when things just seem arbitrary and chaotic, so the answer is ever fleeting. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your experiences, it’s really valuable.

  3. Hi there:
    Well i havent met mine yet in the physical world but in the spiritual we are totally connected, we talk , sing together, we dance, he is really intense and playful, we make love, we cant resist each other, he shows me places, this man travels a lot, I have seen lately the flag of the country he is at right now. He sings in a different language but somehow I know what he is saying. He have shown him self to me, I know the way he looks, he is handsome as…! Many times he wont let me go and grabs me really tight and I wake up feeling the grip, feeling his hands, even his hair, like from arms, chest and face. Lately we cant keep our hands of our selves, we cant resist, we wont stop kissing and…
    But I tell you more, couple years ago I used dream about him, but I didnt know anything about twin flames, so it is only now that I’m connecting the dots. I have seen a violet net of light on top of me while sleeping, a white light to my right side , like a guardian. In some dreams I see him like doing his job, I see the place he works in, I read the news paper , I see files with work info and numbers, I see the house he probably grew up and maybe his parents are still living there. I have seen how his mother looks like, he loves her to death and have wonderful relationship. I have seen his father too but he already died , I believe, I have seen him when he was teenager and a child, like i was checking a family album. He takes me to places , he like to lift me and play with me , he is very energetic ,strong, sweet , intense and caring. He is the one who woke me up to all this, he was the first one to make contact, he is spiritually super ahead of me.
    We are so ready for each other. Recently I have been meditating and getting my life straight, closing all old chapters, asking my guides to help me find my twin flame or to bring him to me.
    Honestly I think we are not far from meeting. I think I even know his name, I have been shown things, paper work with foreign writing which I googled it and discovered and confirmed my suspicions about where he is from. He has such a talent for singing as I do, we make wonderful duos. This man have been molding my life from distance , I know he cant live without tea and working out, I cant live without those things as well now.He loves the ocean, he always takes me there in dreams.
    We want to be with each other badly, sometimes out of the blue I get freaking anxious and violent and masculine and those things definitively come from him. I guess he goes thru the same with me and my emotions.
    Back in October I was meditating and sending him love and I received it right back and very intense and since then my solar plexus is home for butterflies or giant bats , because it gets really crazy when I think of him, and sometimes it spins clockwise. I just want him in my arms. 🙂

    1. What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. Yeah, twin souls are amazing. It often happens that because they’re energies are so united they begin to exchange memories, personalities traits, and gestures. Hopefully you guys are close to meeting!

  4. Melissa Thank you for this article that explains so many things in detail. I am going through each and every symptom that you have mentioned on this blog. I have only one question for you, “Do Twin Flames always unite physically?”. Me and my twin flame have been playing the part of “Runners” and “Chasers” all the time, but if we will unite now, we will be together for ever. But she is in another relationship and it seems rationally impossible. All my relationships have been dissolved and I am unable to connect with anyone now… at all….

    1. Hi Jeevesh. Thanks for sharing and your compliment means a lot to me.
      I don’t know for sure that twins always reunite physically. There are some twins who can’t because one is in the physical and the other in spirit. I’m sorry to hear about your other relationships. It is a side effect of knowing your twin because suddenly all other relationships don’t seem so meaningful. But, that eventually passes as your understanding of love grows and as you become more independent of your twin. Maybe you just have to give it some time.

      1. Thank you Melissa!! In these 15 days, all the signs and signal have been getting stronger with me, playing with my thoughts. Playfully appearing and leaving me stunned!! But I am enjoying all these little miracles and may be I am on my way to be a whole entity slowly. It has been painful and nerve wrecking. I want to hold my twin and gosh!! I feel the urge to just snatch her and run away. Far away from this world!! (She is 5 ft and I am 6ft tall !!). The physical pull is as strong the metal and spiritual pull. But she is not witnessing these signs. I am the only one being “enlightened”. And God I pray that she starts seeing these signs and goes mad and then I will teach her the magic it brings. I want to be with her and that’s the last thought everyday. But then I enjoy this as a whole. I dwell in these thoughts every minutes thinking one day I would be able to hold her in my arms…

  5. Yeah I met my twin flame. The story is really crazy, I met this girl and started talking to her. She vaguely reminded me of myself when I first met her, it made me cry when I went home because I felt so empathetic towards her. The more we talked the more I realized she was just like me, only 9 years younger and a different race. Her family owned the same kind of business as mine, she had the same dog, same tshirt, same up raising as me, her mom treated her just like me, she was shy just like me, didn’t drink just like me, she drove the car I wanted at her age, she had the same obsessive compulsive disorder like me, she had the same almost everything as me. Every past story she told about herself, I had a near identical story. Every time I thought about her she texted me. I told myself when I look the meaning of her name up it would have a relation to me, and it did. The meaning of her name was that it was given to girls born on January 6, which is my birthday. Our birthdays are 1 month and 1 day apart. Since I am already married and have a family I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with her. I didn’t keep in touch with her but I’m not sure if I made the right choice.

    1. Wow, I am so sorry I didn’t respond! I just saw your post!

      I cannot tell you if you made the right choice or not, that is something you have to measure for yourself.

      It sounds very interesting and confusing. But I mean, what could you have done? Left your family for someone younger, someone it seems you would then become responsible for?

      Sometimes we meet people we strongly gravitate to and it can sometimes seem like love. Being empathic towards someone is not the same thing as deeply loving them. Maybe it was just someone you had an affinity to, another soul mate. Or maybe it was your twin soul and if so, that means that maybe you will find each other in the future. But bear in mind that the latter would mean that your present relationship will change or end, affecting not only your partner, but your children too. I also think you should try to figure out who your wife is to you, soul mate, near twin, twin soul, or none of the above? Do you still love her? What happened? Is there another reason I am looking at this other person aside from the similarities we share? Maybe these questions will help you figure out the truth. It may also provide a point of reference for you to figure out who this other person is.

      If you start having a spiritual revolution, telepathic conversations/dreams, and a whole lot of other things, then maybe she is your twin. And maybe you will find each other again when you really are ready.

      My suggestion is do what feels right to you and find it through meditation. Through meditation you’ll be able to find the truth.

      Hope this is helpful.

  6. is it possible to have met your twin flame in grade school? then it come to fruition 25yrs later. because the emotions and feelings that have come across can’t even be explained the intuitions that have happened during our encounter a couple of yrs ago, are so sureal and trying to explain them to people and they have no idea how to interpret it or even give advice to what may or may not be happening…and remembering the exact feelings when we had met when we were children feeling a sense of warmth and a light remembering the look in his eyes that was so profond and intense like he was able to see right through me and knew what i was thinking/feeling…..?????

    1. LOL! Loved that sentence! I think it is possible to meet in childhood and find each other later on. Just as it it’s possible to meet in your twenties and meet in your forties or fifties. Sounds like it’s going great! And no, not many will understand what you’re going through.

      1. Not sure witch sentence you were speaking of though! Since mtg him 2yrs ago my life has changed drastically and had never heard of twin flames ever in my life, but after we had a fall out I was so lost and confused was probably the lowest point in my life actually it was the lowest point in my life, and for some reason i came across this video on youtube that spoke of tf and never had been emotional as I was when they were explaning what are twin flames and the process that twin flames go through was pretty sceptical about it all but my interest was of such that i must have read a million books on this subject and am so fascinated by it i am much more spiritual than i could have ever been and all that concerns me is love i give onto others witch for a capricorn that usually is the furthest from our minds… my career has always been at the forefront and all I can think of is this bond this gut wrenching thing in my gut with this individual anyway it’s just so mind bogling, and yes I am in a very good place now have done a lot of self reflection and try to live in the moment enjoying and embracing all that is good in each day even if it’s just a smile from a friend or family member…

  7. I would like to share that yes all twin flame connections are unique and beautiful.

    I had a romantic dream about my Twin before meeting him, I guess this was my first romantic dream about someone who was completely unknown to me. The weirdest thing for me was that the Physical Appearance, Talking style and expressions of that dream man are actually and I should admit accurately is of my Twin. That’s why when I met him I was Shocked, I had seen him without specs in my dream and my Twin was wearing spectacles then, I really thought to myself, ”will he look the same if he opens his specs, should I ask him to open his specs atleast for once”.

    I want to say that everything Happened most similar to what I had seen in my dream. In the ending of dream I had introduced him to my friend circle and he was entertaining us, he took us to the restaurant and then after paying the bill he actually vanished on his own will and left me wandering what has happened. I would like to inform that currently my Twin is running, and we are at the running stage and while we were walking together he told me ”take a deep breath and do not come with me” and then I thought why is he saying so without any reason and I was lost in my thoughts, when I looked beside just to find him or ask him, do you know what I found He was not walking beside me, I thought he might have taken another lane to avoid me and I ran to see him only to find that he has really disappeared I understood that he ran away as fast as he could and then might have entered any shop to stay away from my eye sight. I stopped chasing and accepted it.

    About 11:11 I would say that I had looked at the clock in a different way that day and I was not knowing any such thing about this number and twin flame connection, I have never searched to find the date of that day when I first met him. There are chances that it was 11, but I am not sure enough.

    1. Hi Anasuya,

      I’m so sorry on my late response. For some reason I thought I had already responded.

      Your partner sounds like a walking enigma! Why would he say that to you, “take a deep breath and do not come with me”? It sounds so romantic, I must say, it is swoon worthy! Are you dating Batman? If so, I’m jealous. But joking aside, this is wonderful. It sounds like your twin knows something you don’t. It sounds like he may have more spiritual knowledge about the relationship and you than he is letting on. Because, how did he know that you would feel some sort of anxiety when he left unless he has already felt your anxiety? See what I mean? Maybe he is telling you not be scared because he knows that you are afraid of losing him. Twins feel what the other is feeling. Also, was this in a dream?

      I’m a bit confused. So, have you guys been together since?

      I think he found you through your dreams. I think that he was looking for you before you were looking for him. Twins often do that, especially when they have awakened, meaning when they have developed their spiritual abilities. Try to think back to that first dream. Did he approach you or did you approach him? That will indicate who sought who.

      But, there is also the possibility that you are somewhat of a psychic and that you had a premonition of someone you would meet, not specifically your twin, just someone. Only you can know for sure whether he is your twin. Try running down the list of symptoms, the most important one being experiencing a spiritual awakening.

      1. Hi Melissa,
        thanks a lot for helping me. I felt good and a bit funny, after reading this I thought, if he could really be a superhero then it would have been so great.

        I would love to share another funny moment from our conversation. You reminded me that once he had asked me: ‘Do you believe in supernatural?’
        I had replied:’Am I talking to superman?’
        Then he had added: ‘Media changed the meaning of supernatural’.

        Even I had thought that due to my strange ability I had got a premonition of my future love affair. We’ve aligning birth dates also. Later, I found out what is going on behind the scenes and world calls it ‘twin flames’. I’m left in a condition that even if I try to ignore it, my inner filling, incidences and visions show me that he is that part of me. I should admit that they say psychic abilities get amplified after meeting your twin, but in my case I was a bit like this before. Right now, I’ve not yet observed any increase in the intensity of these abilities.

        Before meeting him, he was more interested in metaphysics than me and he has natural intuitiveness. Sadly, he had no such dreams. I had met him in a coaching center named ‘Akash’. In my first dream he had found me and in coaching also he joined one week after me. I had inquired him: ‘Why you came at this place?’ (I meant that there are many other better coaching centers than this). He had replied: ‘I went to many before coming to this center but I was not allowed so I was compelled to join here’. (He was not allowed as they had started their sessions many months before, so it was better for him to join here).

        I had struggled each day to face him, he reflected my biggest issues. I felt like a looser in front of him. I was completely deviated from my normal life and career as I was wobbling a lot. He remained beside me like an guardian angel, motivating me, inspiring me, improving me. He was never tired of asking me: ‘What is disturbing you?’

        It was not in dream, he gave this eccentric dialogue to me in real life. He was acting in a puzzled manner a few days before this incident. He was romantic but it gave a strange pain to me. Strange as I was knowing that it would happen and pain as I love him so I get an unstoppable feeling that I need him. This connection is intense though it feels light and not at all obsessed for us when we’re away from each other.
        I suffered from mild sickness after this. When I had to witness the ending part of my dream, I understood to deal with my fears I have to live in reality, I should take it casually and share this incident.

        After a few days when I met him at the coaching I thought I should tell him everything. I asked him that why he behaved in that way with me? He answered (not looking into my eyes) ‘It doesn’t matter how we feel, I think its not right for us’. I continued to interrogate him and he spoke out: ‘I got an intuition, that you should not come with me’. I shouted on him for the reason (I was shouting and smiling as I wanted to hear it), he added: ‘There’s no reason, I just feel so’. I thought that I should burst out and tell him the truth so I continued: ‘There is a phenomenon behind it, this is not karmic attraction…’. He finally stopped me by saying: ‘Don’t tell it to me, I don’t want to hear it’. I had suffered a lot in refocusing in my own life so I thought not to disturb him and chose to keep mum as I felt I was scene creating. Now I’m also struggling in my career life.

        Thank a lot Melisa

      2. I forgot to add that yes he had told me that a few weeks ago before meeting me he was praying to the universe to have someone in his life he could understand him and his thoughts (beliefs and ideas).

      3. Hi Melissa,
        I would love to inform you that I read your reply many times. You are really a boon for us. Initially, I had thought not to tell it to anyone. It was a fear, now I’ve realized we have come to love all.
        I felt better at this situation of my life after reading your reply. I’ve many obstacles and hurdles in front of me and very short time interval left with me to deal with them. Its hard to accept that I’m knowing someone so dear to me and I can’t tell him the truth.
        I told my parents and they thought that I’m doing what they call is spiritual bypassing to escape from my tasks, but they are completely supportive to me and they understand that I’m not insane and something has really happened with me.

        All of it was like a fairy tale which made no sense. Sometimes I feel that world has become blurry to my eyes and I need to practice becoming grounded. Its like I’m rising, awakening and at the same time I feel like I’m drunk. I’ve to do the application of whatever I’m learning in my daily life, its not easy and we can’t hide as our twin picks up our feelings.

        I would like to share the incident when I finally saw him without his huge specs.
        After the classes were over, we went to our fixed and preferred restaurant. When we came out our specs became foggy. He opened his specs when I was busy in clearing mine. It was sunset time. He declared holding his specs in his hand: ‘I’m a different person without my specs’, he added: ‘…right?’.
        I took the opportunity to stare at this most awaited glance of him and said ‘let me see…. you look completely different without them’. I showed no haphazardness at that time though I remained dumb for most of the time while we were returning home.

        1. Hey,

          This guy is really charming! Lucky you! And he sounds very wise. But, you are wise too, so I can see the parallels. I’m so happy I made you feel better. You have no idea how touching I find your compliments. I can’t stop smiling Anasuya! Thanks. Reading that I am actually helping somebody, you guys, makes me feel like I’m not wasting my time and that I am doing something worthwhile and meaningful. Thank you.

          Like I said, your partner is very wise and it is true, the meaning of “supernatural” has changed because of media but also because of literature. It has come to mean monsters and superheroes. But to me, there is nothing supernatural about having psychic abilities. (As a side note, do you watch the show Supernatural? I’m such a fan of it….anyway…) In order for your psychic abilities to grow you have to want it. Not all twin souls are walking mediums. If you don’t put effort into it, then it won’t happen. It also doesn’t have to happen and that is fine. Also, your abilities may develop where only your partner is concerned, not that you will be able to read other people and stuff like that.

          Yes, looking into the twin soul is difficult because what is at first reflected are the flaws we have. (If you haven’t read this yet, go read this other post I wrote ) But, try not to feel like you are beneath him in any way. This is gonna be hard but it is part of the relationship, coming to accept yourself as you are and striving to work to improve yourself. Neither is above the other, you two are equals. Though he may have been interested in metaphysics before you, it seems you developed your psychic abilities before him. This is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of TWIN SOULS!!! One has strength where the other has weakness and this is how they balance each other (both through cycles of being together and separation).

          I don’t have much to offer you as you seem to be on the right track. Keep doing what you are doing. I’ll be honest and tell you that eventually you will face challenges with him (or maybe not, who knows?) but you will be okay. The one thing that might pose a challenge is that he seems to like to figure things out on his own and this may make you feel like he is pushing you away, but just try to understand his process. Eventually the cycle will turn and you may be the one doing the pushing away. Whatever happens, follow your heart. Don’t fear conflict, seems like you don’t already, and stay true to your heart.

          You’re probably feeling like making a career change, especially after meeting him changed your perspective, right? This is tricky, because in order to be with the twin you must be the true and full manifestation of yourself. So, if you change careers is it because your heart is telling you that it will fulfill you or is it your mind that is asking for the change? Follow your heart, the mind can be swayed and lead you astray. Sometimes things get difficult and in those difficulties we forget how much we truly love and enjoy something. Maybe what you need is not a career change, but a change of employment location.

          I am thrilled that your family supports you! This is very rare and people going through this are usually seen like they are insane by friends and family members. I think you know the benefits of meditation, now you should find a way to tap into that quiet and peaceful place wherever you are. Try focusing on your breath, observing nature, and observing people. These things can put things into perspective. Ask for the answers and signs and you will receive them.

          Much love to you Anasuya and do keep me posted,


          1. Hi,
            Melissa you not only have knowledge and abilities, but also you love to help and heal others, giving all your efforts and investing time on it, responding to others. We’re really lucky as we’ve found an honest person like you. You point out the truth easily.

            My family understands me because I’m close to them. When me and my sibling had conversations in our childhood days, they could not make out any meaning but they believed in us.

            I was searching on twins and came across the articles on dark energies, I understood that it had happened in my journey also. I still don’t know that is it happening with me or I’m over it.

            Yes strangers were more attracted to us. These days I’m returning alone after the classes are over and I’ve met a few unknown persons who stared at me and when I ask them they say they remember me and they ask about him. I think it had never happened at this extent before. While we were walking once he said things like: ‘Am I looking great today? Is there something on my face? Why everyone behaving as gay?’ My usual replies were: ‘You look good always’. Many times he had told me: ‘Is someone following us? Lets stand here for sometime. Why am I feeling that someone is following us?’
            Both of us love to walk for long distances and explore unknown lanes. We visited one such lane which had eerie appearance. A house there looked somewhat like a movie haunted house. I had exclaimed: ‘I don’t think humans live here’. He added: ‘Whoever it is, may they be happy’.
            Sometimes we found cats staring at us. We visited that lane many times, it was shabby though beautiful. We saw a torn doll there, we thought that street dog had brought it from the garbage heap. In that lane opposite to the house there is a building named ‘Shankhachur’, then I was not sure enough about the meaning of that word.
            We love to hear new names and find its meaning. So we discussed about it. He knew that ‘shankha’ means conch and ‘chur’ means ‘peak’, he acted clever and informed me: ‘It might be referring to the head of conch’.The word ‘Shankhachurni’ was known to me so I felt uneasy and was not satisfied by his explanation. Then we came across a strange couple in that lane, they were in poor condition, somewhat like beggars. The female partner was constantly speaking to her man who was quiet and acted as if he is hypnotized. My twin pointed this unusual thing: ‘What do you think, Who is she?’ Whenever we visited that lane most of the times we saw them walking aimlessly.
            When I returned home I searched and found ‘Shankhachur’ means an evil spirit. Next day I informed him and begged him not to take that lane anymore.

            We came across specific humans at different times when we were together. We saw a short height old lady who wore rags. Each day she appeared in front of us even at different times in that specific place whenever we chose that route. It appeared to us that she waits for somebody at that place. So one day he said: ‘Is she a witch? lets not relate anything’. On that moment I became protective and I walked like a Spartan guarding him, any other human would have been shocked or at least looked for once at us by observing my weird reaction but she gave an appearance to us like ass if we were not there, she completely ignored us though we felt that in her inner layer she s concentrating upon us.
            This time he was aware and he started avoiding that route.
            Those months I got unusual pain in my neck and genitals. One day I had twitching sensations on my lips and genitals.

            I’m shocked as now when I came to know about these things everything is clear to me. I’ve found it out that ‘Shankhachurni’ means a female ghost who comes to rich married ladies to fulfill her desire of prosperous and happy life with her husband. Now this is like OMG!!!

            I don’t know how to deal with such things and I think sometimes some humans unconsciously take part in it. I love all, I believe that they exist in the world which is created by God. I’ve no idea about how to stop them? I mean by loving them or by loving ourselves. Should we ignore them? or Should we act becoming over-protective?

            Oh! I would love to share a good part of that with you now. We’ve another reason behind our affinity to that lane, we had done somewhat of astral thing there. We stood close to each other and suddenly stopped walking, there were no exchange of words, together we looked at the sky, no sounds could be heard except the birds chirping then slowly it dissolved and we could hear distant sound from insects. We were quiet and we were enjoying the beauty of vastness, endlessness. I felt as if we projected ourselves out of the body and had a tour to astral planes (I’m not sure). I could feel that same energy sphere of completeness but this time even more deeper. We were standing in an awkward pose so when a vehicle came we were disturbed and again started walking. The experience was wonderful, we tried that again but it had not been felt or not done to that extent by us as we had felt or had done then.

            Thanks a lot Melissa

            1. Anasuya it is best to keep away from areas filled with negative energy or to avoid negative energy when you sense it, wherever it may be. I recommend that you dig deeper into your spiritual practice, find your angels/spirit guides/or Gods, and ask for their protection and guidance. Learn how to use your energy to hide yourself from evil and to protect your partner. Learn protection rituals, etc.

          2. Hey,
            Recently we had an extremely unpleasant fight. He informed me that he has realized that his past relationship was important to him, he was truly committed to that girl. He said that he had tried to suppress it but now it has come to the surface and he thinks that he can not be with me. I accepted to stay as a friend, but he over-reacted and shouted that I’m deceptive and manipulative. I wanted to be with him in his difficult situation and help him but I think I disturbed him more. I understand that now its time to concentrate more in loving myself and doing my work. I don’t know that who was he? Whoever he was I know that he taught me and helped me. I understand him and so I’m sad as I’ve hurt him. Its nice that I came to know about such esoteric experiences through this relationship.
            I would like to reveal that sometimes a silly thought comes in my mind that how will I dare to be in a relationship with someone else in future? Then I realize again that we are complete on our own. Now I feel like for me it would not be waiting but it would be realizing what is freedom (something without attachment).

            I really felt good and light by sharing with you. There are many readers (including me) who like to read your articles and wait eagerly for the next. I wish and pray that your knowledge and healing power may help all.

            Love to you Melissa

            1. Aww Anasuya,

              I’m sorry to hear you guys are having trouble. In my previous response to one of your comments I said this: …eventually you will face challenges with him (or maybe not, who knows?) but you will be okay. The one thing that might pose a challenge is that he seems to like to figure things out on his own and this may make you feel like he is pushing you away, but just try to understand his process. Eventually the cycle will turn and you may be the one doing the pushing away. Whatever happens, follow your heart. Don’t fear conflict, seems like you don’t already, and stay true to your heart.

              So just hang in there. You sound like you have the wisdom and knowledge to get you through these difficult times. All you have to do is put it into practice, which in itself can be difficult.

              Thank you for your heartfelt words, really warm my heart,

  8. Hi Melissa

    thank you for an informative post, and the way you engage with your readers is so inspiring. I have posted on TF forums before hoping for guidance but mostly got silly comments about me imagining things.
    The TF journey is one strange ride and finding people to relate to is hard, even close family looks at you like you are losing touch with reality lol. My story is even harder to explain, or rather for people to accept.
    it all started when i was trying to manifest a meeting with my favourite band, just to meet them nothing more, i thought it would be cool to get a pic with them 🙂 i managed to manifest a concert in my home town to my amazement and i live in South Africa in a small city and international bands hardly ever play in my city because it so small. anyway i thought that was cool, i have a deck of cards by Doreen Virtue, the Ascended Masters, so one day i did a reading asking if my little meeting manifestation was on track and lo and behold i drew the Twin Flame card saying that the person i am enquiring about is my twin flame. i knew of what a TF was but i never wanted to attract one as all the stories i had read were about how hard it is, so i never thought about it again until i drew this one card, completely stunned and in disbelief i did another reading straight after and asked the direct question is this person my twin flame… and i drew a clear and resounding yes. i never really believed it was true for the longest time, its so cliche. i went to the concert but didnt get to meet them, but i got a signed autograph lol. since then all these weird things have been happening, we share the same music tastes/idols, same nationality but i live in another country, same colour eyes and weirdly our one eye is slightly lazy if that makes sense on the same side too! i once looked in the mirror and in a split second i saw his eyes in mine like i was looking at him in the mirror, was freaky. his family has the same couches as mine and they are probably older than me! and again we are from different parts of the world, i start listening to some old favourite music a few weeks later he posts a cover of that specific band, the latest was he posted an old musician i used to listen to when i was a kid. i get the explainable emotions wash over me as described above. iv had a couple of dreams of him but he never really acknowledges me, then i had a dream of him the other night and we “met” and we spent the “day” together and all i can remember was having the feeling of absolute happiness and joy we were having so much fun. one significant feeling was that the feelings of joy love and happiness i had were shared between us as if it was one feeling we were both having. i woke and did a card reading asking if he had the same dream and i drew a “your are seeing this situation accurately” card. so yea, thats my TF story so far. i often feel like im crazy and have tried to reject it and find a boyfriend but every guy i meet that i like never ever ever likes me back, so i guess il just go with the flow on this and see where it takes me! thank you creating a platform for us to share our stories and experiences xx

    1. Hey Kerry,

      I was having lunch when I read your comment and I got a bit teary eyed because of your wonderful compliments. Thank you for that, because comments like yours give me more strength and assurance to continue my path. You, you guys inspire me. So thank you!

      You have a very interesting situation going. Yes, being in this type of relationship can often feel very lonely or separated from the rest of world because no one seems to get it. You are very brave to be sharing your story with your family and friends, often people carry this relationship in secret or tell only a select few.

      The 1111 not only applies to the twin soul relationship but also to spiritual knowledge. Maybe you are receiving new knowledge, starting something new. It is also a way to let you know that you are on the right path, to keep going.

      The thing you describe about seeing his eyes in your own reflected in the mirror is actually a twin soul thing. I don’t know how many people experience that but it seems to mean that you realize that you are him and he is you because in the reality of realities, meaning in the spiritual reality, you are one. However, your dreams and your interactions with him in your dreams indicate that he has still not reached this level of awareness (I may be wrong, I really can’t know).

      For certain twins the universe will deny certain things like relationships or career paths, things that will interfere with the union. If this is what is happening to you, with time you will be certain if it is, this means that you two are very old twins, that you have met many times before in other lives. This seems to be rare. We can’t be sure, you know? So, trying to force a relationship without it really being born from within will breed difficulties in your life like rejection or even troubled relationships. It is also unhealthy for your soul as you are not being your true self and could lead to deep sadness.

      If I’m not mistaken, this person is in an international band? I’m sure people have a hard time digesting that. What are the chances that he would be interested in you? must be what they say. What are the chances? “What are the chances” is a question many twins ask themselves because how they meet and how everything in their lives happens is so amazing, so bizarre and somehow so perfect, that this question is often asked. It’s disbelief at something amazing, a natural reaction.

      So, what matters is that you know what is what. I can only suggest that you remain critical and questioning and exploring. It sounds like you have a very strong guide helping you, so yeah, just go with the flow. Keep me posted. 😉


      1. Hi Melissa,

        thank you so much for your response, it is so comforting to find someone who believes along with you!

        well i have decided to rather keep my experiences to myself from now on, especially from my family as i can see that the more i tell them the more they seem to not understand, and thats ok i have no problem with that as i understand not everyone can understand these things.

        for the last two years i have been on my own spiritual journey and i have grown in heaps and bounds so i will agree with you on the 1111’s being a sign for both, my spiritual growth and my TF experience. At least i know i am on the right path!

        the whole eye thing was really strange and its funny that you say that as i sometimes still have a hard time realising we are truly one. when i noticed he has a lazy eye on the same side as me i nearly fell off my chair haha. And i will agree with you about him not being as aware as i am, i believe he is not and still has a far way to go and this is probably why he has no idea about me or anything else going on! and it gets discouraging as i dont know this guy either, you know…well at least physically. so i can never tell if he is going through the same things as me so again it feels very lonely, i often ask myself how long will i be the only one who knows. so much of hurry up and wait lol. Its funny you say that we may be old souls and have connected in past lives as my energy coach told me that i am an old soul and that this is not the first lifetime that i have dabbled in mysticism and spirituality. and when i look at him i can tell he is an old soul too, its weird i dont wonder about it i just know. your intuition is very accurate 🙂

        i believe the universe is keeping me out of a relationship, to have me available for this much deeper connection and im ok with that, but i often do get impatient as its been quite some time now and i just want something, anything to happen, my mom always tries to get me to meet new people or says to me dont close yourself off to other relationships, and im always like gosh as if im not trying to meet new people! i have tried alot of things, like dating sites and even considering partners i wouldnt really consider just to find a relationship but to avail, i am a strong believer that if its supposed to happen, it will and it never does, so i leave it at that. i have stopped trying as i know whatever i try will not work because the universe will not allow it.

        yes he is in an international band, and i hate saying it because i always think of some little girl completely obsessed with a famous person and somewhat delusional haha, i can assure you i am not that way and never have been, and i always say to myself what are the chances! seems so out there, so unreal. i am my biggest critic. but then again the things that have happened to me and that are happening to me cannot be explained and are far too coincidental to be a coincident if you know what i mean?

        i luckily have my angel cards that give me guidance and whenever i ask about this relationship i always get the follow your heart and trust your inner guidance or that i am seeing the situation accurately so i try my best to do so, it would be awesome to find at least one person in the whole world who has been through the same as me with your TF not knowing about you but know about them and has success story, but i have trawled the internet for years looking for a similar story but have not found one yet, so if anyone knows of someone, id love to connect!

        anyway, i promise to keep you updated and i hope that one day i write a success story for you and all the readers 🙂

        thank you again for the support and encouragement, you have no idea how much it means x


        1. Hey Kerry,

          You are very welcome! And thanks for everything you’re saying and sharing.

          And absolutely, if anyone wants to reach out you can try communicating with each other here. I’ll always jump in anyway.


        2. Hi Kerry
          I was so moved by your experience and completely understand how you feel.
          I do hope you still come here as you were asking if anyone else has experienced this, i hope you have been blessed more signs towards your twin flame, I believe nothing else matters when love is concerned, the true love of a twin soul connection is so powerful overwhelming and beautiful, it never seems to be that easy though sadly, so perhaps in the near future your twin flame will awaken to just how alike you are, I do hope this for You!
          I decided to write you because my twin flame it turns out is also in a band.
          The start of my experience was when I wished he would come over and play were I am, and not even a year later he did, it seemed the instant we met i felt this powerful familiar feeling and sensed his soul feel it too, he complimented me, and i him, then the next year we met the compliments turned to flirtations and i felt light like i was having an outer body experience with him just approaching me, when he left it felt like part of my soul had been ripped out, i could barely eat sleep or concentrate after for months, then this year he actually confesses to me he loves me so i told him back and we hugged, we hug a lot it’s like this magnetic pull we can’t help ourselves, i can barely look in his eyes because the feeling is so intense, i feel lost for words around him yet so complete and so comfortable it’s the most blissful feeling, he even told me I’m beautiful, I have every faith our paths will cross more in the future and since I see 1111 any time i think about him, hear his name, i feel the universe is trying to tell me we are meant to be.
          I have read about how twin flames souls seem to go through a period of running or chasing, he has gave me contact with him, and i finally braved writing him, but whether he will get back, i patiently await as i have faith he will.
          I just wished you to know your not alone in this, and when the feeling is reciprocated it is magical.
          The timing of this happening to me is unreal, you see i was in a bad relationship for years and this year soon after I split is when my twin flame tells me he loves me, yet I’m truly confused with his behaviour and it’s not like i have many either i can talk to about this, so I’m hoping someone here can Help? It turns out before all this i found out he was engaged i don’t know if he still is but so much happened when we last met I just need answers why he would say what he said as i know he feels spiritually connected to me, i over heard him say it, so what’s going on is he with the wrong one or am I wrong about him, i don’t feel i am because I’ve read too many twin flame stories signs and there’s just too much there, and i know he feels it too!, this feeling is like nothing I’ve ever known before I miss him like crazy, it’s nice to know he loves me too, it’s the way he said it, like it hit him he realises how much he loves me!
          I hope someone here can Help me?, as a lot happened i just can’t go into it all…

  9. I’ve been seeing 11:11 since December 2015 then followed by 10:10 and 12:12 and there’s this white butterfly appearanance every week on the month January 2016. The weird thing is, it seems like the butterfly will just call my attention and then fly away. And there’s this one person that i felt a strong connection with but her recent relationship broke her heart into thousand pieces which cause her to built the walls around her. Well actually we share the same experience with our exes who dumped us without any warning. Though her relationship with her ex lasted only 1 month and I’ve been almost in 5 yrs relationship with my ex, she’s not yet healed on that pain while i have overcome the pain already.

    And while those butterfly appearances occuring there’s one time after the day of butterfly appearance while browsing my fb i saw the photo of a butterfly cake which she did for my birthday and i was shocked and asked myself “yeah, why a butterfly?”

    My question is “are those butterflies the signs already that she is my twin flame?”

    I have this strong feeling that we are connected to each other. And there are so many coincidences happening as in too many…

    Hoping someone can help me decipher the message of those butterflies. Thank you very much and God bless.

    1. Hey Amie,

      For the numbers thing I really recommend this site: The author gives very good, and in my experience, accurate information.

      A while back I wrote this post on the 1111

      Butterflies can be symbols for many things. There will be a post up dedicated to the symbol of the butterfly later this week, thanks to you! For now, read this This post will hopefully help you begin to understand these messages you are receiving.

      As for the twin flame question, an animal omen is not enough to determine whether someone has met his or her twin. I wish I could tell you if this person is your twin, but no one can, except for yourself. Only you can know this for sure. The best way to know if it is your twin is if you have or are going through some sort of spiritual revolution where old beliefs are crumbling. In the case that you are not experiencing crazy spiritual things, like heightened intuition, dreams, and so on, then this person may be a soul mate. You may have found a soul mate whom you’ve been with before which is why you feel that strong connection. Lastly, there is the possibility that this may be a near twin, but that does not seem to be the case from what you’re telling me.

      Either way, it sounds like love is in the air for you! Hope this was helpful,

      1. Thanks Melissa for answering back and for sharing those links that will provide me some useful insights to what is happening.

        These things are new to me, i have never been spritual as i am now. Before all of these things happen, my world crash into pieces then something like i was being reborn into a new person. Sometimes im really confused what’s happening or where is this coming from though it feels like heaven to feel this way…

        I don’t know something is weird and i really can’t explain the total feeling.

        God bless you!


  10. And just like yesterday my 2 yrs old niece handed me her tab for me to open it for her then my eyes were shocked when i saw the time it’s 11:11.

    And also those butterflies i saw last month that was 3 consecutive Sundays 17, 24 & 31 but the first one falls on Wednesday which is 6.

    Most of the time she will challenge me to say my true feelings indirectly, sounding like she has something for me and when im on the intro part she will put her walls up. Worst is she’ll say sharp words to keep me away & that hurts me real bad. Though that being said, the love i have for her has never change in any way which cause me to question “why am i like this?” “I’m never like this” coz i used to ran away before whenever someone hurt me emotionally but then i chose to stay in close proximity, i chose to stay in the positive which is LOVE even if the situation tells me to run. There’s this strong feeling of something is hidden, something is about to happen.

    Oh well sometimes i asked myself if am i just crazy or what. I really don’t understand all the things that are happening but then i just surrender everything to God and trust this bliss feeling that’s occurring inside me.


  11. Hmm… Recently i always have this welrd feeling, like…if someone where sending me a romantic-like energy, all the days is the same
    And a few days ago i had a dream about a guy “finding” me after a long time…is this also a kind of sign o something meaningful?
    I broke up with my bf (one of my soulmates) one month ago (January 11…haha) in very good therms, and since then i been reciving all this “emotions” and vibes!

  12. Hi Melissa! Love your blog.I’m so confused lately maybe u could help me? I saw a very vivid dream some years ago of kissing a guy whom I had never seen before.But even when I woke up I was so so happy,I can’t exactly explain why or how I just had this feeling this was more than a dream.So years later when I had totally forgotten about this dream I saw a music video and there was this guy who totally caught my eye since the sec i saw him.I searched him later and one day I saw a photo of him when he was a teen (the same age the guy on my dream was).When I told my sister about my dream (out of the blue,can’t remember when I suddenly reminded it) she saw his pic and told me “Doesn’t your dream guy look like him?” Then it hit me.Could it be that it was him? Also besides this I’ve had plenty other signs too especially after I found out about twin flames for ex: seeing 44 EVERYWHERE, spiritual awakening,his name appearing in every movie I see etc.Actually the nr 44 hasn’t appeared to me lately but for 5 month it was insane. What do you think is this all?

    1. Hey Isabella,

      Thanks for sharing and your sweet compliment!

      Before I respond, I am just letting you know that this blog is moving. I’m transferring everything to and once that is done these posts will be gone from here. They’ll be over there. And I’ll be writing and responding over there. You can read the latest post for more information on the move.

      Now, to your questions. I can’t really tell you if this person is your twin. That you have to figure out for yourself because only you will know the truth. Once you figure out the truth, those around you will see it on their own. I really don’t know what you have going on, but it is interesting. You may have precognitive abilities, meaning that you may be able to see into the future. Outlandish, I know, but it is easier through dreams than in daily waking life. For example, I sometimes have dreams where I see certain images, either natural images like landscapes or something similar, and the next day, I see some news related to that image or place or sometimes even a person. In my case, it sometimes means nothing other than that I am connected to either the collective subconscious or sometimes to the Earth. Sometimes it may be that I have been thinking a lot about a person, then dream about said person, and the next day said person shows up. It is a sort of intuition/precognition. To me it is natural. To maybe most it is either fantasy, delusion, and so on. Who this person is to you is up to you to figure out. It may be a soul mate you are recognizing from afar. I recently had an experience like that, which can sometimes feel dangerous and wrong. Dangerous because maybe you are wondering if you are delusional and wrong because it defies all that you know.

      I hope that somehow this helped you. I can only recommend that you carry on with your life’s purpose and exploring your spiritual self. In these types of cases, only letting time and letting experience expose the truth will help.



  13. Hi Melissa. First i want to say that english is not my first language so i’m sorry in advance for the grammatical mistakes. I am just so bothered lately. As i am writing this, it is only the 4th day that i discovered about twin flame or twin soul. It’s just one day i decided to look up the meaning of soulmate for no reason, or maybe i’m just curious and then here i am. I just want to know, why am I seeing 8:18 or the number 8 constantly? I am not even kidding like everytime i am looking up the time on my phone it is always 8:18 even on someone’s phone and also the number 8. I am seeing these numbers since last year. I don’t even know what is twin flame that time. All I know is it’s so weird that i kept seeing these numbers. And what is more shocking is i’ve taken a language exam this May 17 so I can work to my dream country and my seat number is 8! And i’ve passed the exam! This country i am saying is where i want to go a long time ago. And lately i dreamed about 2 guys, i know who they are and their faces but i never met them. In my dream, one is my boyfriend and the other is not. In my dream, i am with my boyfriend but the other one kept giving me glances i cannot explain. And my boyfriend in my dream suddenly kissed me and i suddenly woke up and i feel tingling sensations in my lips like he really kissed me. And then yesterday while i am reading something I got this tingling sensation in my scalp like when you get goosebumps on your skin. My eyes widen at that but i didn’t get scared. Instead i felt calm. And then the other night when i finally knew about twin flame, i got this weird dream of finding a treasure. In my dream i faced many obstacles like a tsunami, and even walked on a forest and climb up heights before i found the treasure. And what’s weird is when i found the treasure on the beach, elephants suddenly made noises like announcing i’ve found the treasure and different animals appeared like frogs and cows and goats and fishes! I don’t know this is all weird to me. I’m very confused right now. I will be glad if you could give me some answers? I don’t know. Does all these even connect to my twin flame or something? I didn’t even met him yet, or did I? Thank you in advance Melissa. I hope you can read this.

    1. Hello Ellaine!

      I am very happy to hear that you’re moving to your dream country and that it is going well!
      I just want to let you know before I answer anything that the blog is moving to You can find other posts on soulmates and twins there.

      Now, it sounds like you have a lot going on! You have a lot of symbolism going on in your dreams. I can’t answer for each one because you have so many and on top of that, dreams are extremely subjective and personal. But you can look around here in the blog in the dream, omens and symbols categories.
      I don’t know if you found your twin or will find him. However, it does sound like you are going through an awakening, a deeper awareness of your subconscious. Something to keep in mind when looking into the twin soul relationship is that it is a spiritual relationship that causes spiritual changes.
      As to the repeating numbers, you can look into the meaning of repeating numbers. Often it is a sign of encouragement, something that let’s you know you are the right track. For everyone that special number is different. Yours may be 8 .
      The feeling like your being touched is very interesting. Keep an eye on it and just be aware of what is happening.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Hi Melissa. Thank you so much for the response! It really helps a lot. I’ll make sure to visit your new site too! As of now i’m still in awe of what really is happening. I have so many weird dreams lately and there’s a lot of symbols i am seeing. Whatever was the meaning of it all, I really hope that I’m in the right path. Moving in a different country soon is really a big move for me. Again, thank you so much for the advice Melissa! 🙂

  14. Hi Melissa,

    I have read many twin flame articles in the past week because I just found out that there is something called twin flames . I found my twin flame 4 years back but we both werer already married when we met, All I would say to the readers is meeting your twin flame is very painful! very very painful! I wish I would never have met my twin soul because it is hard to handle it and you cant stop your tears.One more thing was that I experienced that once during that time when I was experiencing the intense pain of it ,I out of knowwhere got some pigeons on the rooftop of my room in the atic who would cry with me and I could hear them but after a week it bothered me that they were also feeling my pain and I said to them that please dont cry for me and believe me I never heard them crying again! The number thing in my case was long before i met him like years before meeting him I use to often see2:30 in the clock very often and use to wonder y this was so and this was the time when i first met him and used to mostly have a chance to see my twin. It is very spiritual connection and has nothing to do with physical attraction or sex because that is the last thing the twins ever think about.

  15. I met my twin flame almost 4 years ago at where I use to work. The first time I saw her there was something about her that pulled me towards her. After 6 months we bagan to talk and become friendly. We were both married and we became so close to each. For almost three years we had a relationship and we both felt so comfortable around each other. It was so different. We could tell each other everything and just be happy. At first I was the runner and then once I fell in love with her things started to change and she became the runner…….. I know I became attached to her and when things were falling apart I became so scared of losing her. We would fight make up and fight. But we had such a strong connection. In the middle of the night a few years ago we woke up and emailed each other at the same time. I thought that it was weird at first. But eventually I knew she was my twin flame. We haven’t seen each other in almost two years. Or spoken to each other also. But I still have such strong feelings for her. I still love her very much and I also have dreams about her every so often. I am just confused by all of this. Why after a few years do I still love and care for her so much? Why do I dream about her also? It has been so hard to let her go still

  16. I had a dream about her again last night. The last few weeks I have been consistently thinking about her. I emailed her merry Christmas but never heard back. I hope we can reunite in the near future. I have never ever felt this way about anyone.

    1. Have faith.Keep trying.If you love her so much why don’t you go see her, try to work things out?You’re supposed to overcome these obstacles together and if you really love her you’ll do anything it takes to make it work.

  17. Hello,

    I have had quote a few experiences and dreams of my twin flame…that do not make sense. Then again, all of it doesn’t fall into a logical category. Always, one dream in particular stands out the most. In the dream I saw nothing but darkness and my twinflame smiling at me. Behind twin flame was a golden light shining and then the dream ended. Does anyone know what this could mean?

  18. As a child, I used to hear whispering’s..Someone used to say close to my ear, “wait for me…I am coming”… on other occasions,, it used to be “I love you…wait for me…I am coming”… I used to turn around to look but there was no one… Once, in my dream he gave me his phone number. My handkerchief fell behind a desk at a doctor’s clinic…he bent to pick it up and whispered… I love you wait for me. I asked for his phone number and he obliged. I noted the first few numbers on the kerchief… and waited to see him disappear in the crowd. Then I couldn’t remember the last numbers.. I ran after him… but he was gone… unfortunately, his face was always blurred, I couldn’t see him.
    Then a boy from my class fell in love with me… it was love at first sight for him…we were in the 7th grade…we did not ever talk although I could occasionally see him staring at me… he tried many times to tell me… but avoided, thinking my feelings might get hurt, Once in 8th grade, he came home to meet my parents to ask my hand in marriage. But I stopped him thinking that my parents would get angry on him. Time flew by… we went our own directions. He became a Cancer surgeon and I became a High profile manager in the IT industry. I met my life partner and got married to him, while the other friend waited and saw me go…
    Years later, almost after 14 long years we met again… and for the first time we talked. We realized that everything about us was naturally matching with each other. Our thoughts, our likes, our dislikes,Doing the same same things at the same time, saying the same things at the same time and laughing over it, We yearned to be together,,,, it was as if our world was now complete. We knew we had found each other… that there was a strong bonding which we later got to know that we were “TwinFlames”. At one occasion he said “I love you, wait for me” and I knew it was he all the time since childhood… the one I was waiting for… When we went to a temple together, we were blessed with a divine cold breeze from the sanctum…
    Now, although we want to be together, Life has given us separate responsibilities to be fulfilled and we have to go back to our own individual lives… Remembering the love that we have found and cherishing it at all times… May be during the last days of our life… we might live and leave this wonderful world together 🙂

  19. I’m really sort of lost, but I think now I’m starting to learn the purpose of this person coming in and out of my life. I met him years ago (2013), we had a wonderful relationship and in between there were some things going on in both of our lives where I decided to cut him off completely (2014). Through the years, not a day went by that he was not on my mind. I craved him, I missed him, I yearned for him. He always tried to connect with me through a third party app and I disregarded them, until early this year (Feb 2017). Nothing changed since I hadn’t seen him. That instant pull, that magnetic attraction. We’ve had our misunderstandings and fights here and there, separating us, and then coming back together. The thing is, ever since coming back together this time around, I started to see numbers 11, 1111, 1122, 1133, 1144 1212, 1221, 222, 33, 333, 444, 8, 808, 818, 717, 7117 along with certain synchroncities. I can no longer sleep through the night, waking up at early hours, usually because I am uncomfortably hot, like a rush of heat through my body. I have effortlessly dropped a lot of weight (idk if it has anything to do w any of this). I started to search within, and reaching out to psychics and expanding my own abilities/beliefs. Do you think it is quite possible that I am a twin, or he may be my twin flame? I never knew what a twin flame was until I stumbled upon it on my search for answers to the reoccuring numbers. If anybody has a story similar, or any helpful guidance, I would love to know. Thank you ❤

    1. Also, to add. Our sexual union is not like I have ever experienced with anyone else. I almost feel as if I get lost in a beautiful trance where I feel as if our souls are connected. It’s unexplainable, but a quite amazing experience. Unfortunately, I just cut this out between us because I felt at the time that this may be all he wants out of this, no commitment. I felt as if I had to set boundaries. But I crave it, I crave him, I miss him and the love connection we share during this act. I don’t know what to do. I really don’t understand it all.

      1. I get what you are feeling. I met my two flame in 2012 at where we worked. When I first saw her there was something about her. Like I knew her before but we hasn’t met yet. We became friends at first and then it just blossomed. We went through any twin flame stages. At first I was the runner. But we had this connection where we could tell each other anything and be comfortable around each other. We did have that physical connection too.

        Unfortunately the tide turned and she became the runner and losing her was the worst thing ever in my life. We were both married but she made me a better person and I had never been happier in my life. But, once she ended it, I was so hurt.

        We haven’t spoken in over 2 years. And she I believe she moved back to Missouri with her family. So I guess I won’t ever see her again or hear from her either. It sucks. I still miss her so much and love her so much.

  20. Insightful article .. thankyou … found my twin flame but can’t complete at this time for complex reasons … maybe next time around…

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