The Tarot and Its Differnet Functions

tarotimportant1111blog The mind is always active and it is always looking forward. We are always thinking about what we are going to do in the following minutes, days, or years. This constant preoccupation of what will come not only keeps us from being present but also wastes our energy. The tarot is a popular method of seeing what will come, what is going to happen, and is used to aid in decision-making.

Questions concerning love, money, and health are abundant and easily slip through the seeker’s lips. Often the person seeking the tarot reading wants to know about love, if they will meet someone special, or if they are going to get married, and even if their partner is cheating on them. Issues to do with law and business transactions are also considered through the tarot. And health concerns are often the least considered.

But not many that seek the wisdom of the tarot actually absorb its wisdom. Within the images of the tarot there are spiritual secrets that when understood bring about a deeper understanding of life. In this way, the tarot can be used not just as a divinatory tool but as a psychological/spiritual tool. Studying the symbolism of the images, meditating with the tarot, can open the chakras, specifically but not limited to the brow and crown chakras. And so new knowledge enters the mind and decision-making becomes perhaps not easier but clearer. This allows for us to clearly see our options, our possibilities, and to choose based on wisdom, intuition, and logic.

Unfortunately, there are those that fear the tarot and condemn those that use them. Due to religious beliefs or fear of the unknown, the tarot is seen as evil, a witch’s tool to do harm, and so on. But here it won’t be feared and none will be condemned for it. It is a tool like any other tool that if in the wrong hands does harm and in the right hands does good.

There is no doubt that the tarot cards are mystical by nature. The cards evocative images heighten the connection between the physical and spiritual in whomever gazes and studies them. There are various ways the tarot cards can be a tangible bridge between the two worlds. Through the cards communication with spirit guides, ascended masters, Gods and Goddesses can be achieved. Communication with dead people is also possible, however I do not recommend it. Just as one can communicate with higher levels of consciousness with the tarot cards one can also communicate with lower levels of  consciousness. This is also not recommended because what might come true could be very damaging.

Not many know that the tarot can be used in sacred/tantric sex. The images and the major arcana cards can provide inspiration and guidance during sex. The cards can also be incorporated into a sacred or tantric sex ritual and provide focus and energetic direction.

Regardless of how you want to use the tarot it is a tool that can be very useful. To use the tarot it is not necessary to know all of the cards meanings or know various spreads. A basic understanding of the tarot can provide a lot of wisdom. The tarot is very versatile and what we expunge from it depends on how we use it.





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