Mini Guide Post 8: Relaxing and Calming Your Energy

When we want to raise our energy we move our energy from the bottom up. We call the energy within us from the feet up the legs, to the stomach and heart, to up and out of the head. So, when we want to do the opposite and not be jumping and bursting with energy, we move the energy from the top down. Visualizing and consciously moving your energy can have various effects. After doing a yoga practice that is focused on lowering or balancing the energy, you might feel relaxed or even ready for sleep. You might also feel calm even if things are wild.

You can calm your energy either by meditating or doing yoga. If you are going to meditate be sure you will be comfortable and that no one will disturb you. I think you can do this either sitting upright, your spine completely and comfortably straight, or lying down with the spine straight and supported. When I first did this, I felt very heavy and tired, and I fell asleep soon after. It was the middle of the day! (You can also add quartz and crystals like amethyst or carnelian.)

Here’s how I did it:

1. Start with your hands together in front of your heart.

2. Spread your arms out and over your head, and with palms open, bring your hands down over your body, from head to toes. So you breathe in when you extend your arms and you exhale when you bring your hands down and pass them over your body. Have your eyes closed, focused on some point, or use a candle to focus your gaze, and repeat the movements as much as you like.

3. Feel and tell yourself that you are relaxing and calming your energy. Feel yourself relax as you breathe and exhale. Focus on the breath and each exhale should be longer than the inhale.

Finish the exercise when you feel comfortable. I recommend doing it with your eyes closed to fully tune in to your own breath and feel your body becoming heavy.

I hope it works for you and if it does, let me know! 😉 Leave a comment…




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