The Body: The Feet – A Massage

Goddess Radha
Goddess Radha


No part of your body is insignificant. Every single part of your body is a manifestation of your higher consciousness. This means that every single part of your body deserves to be loved and touched. By touching your feet and massaging your feet you become more familiar with this distant part of your body. The feet are your connection to the Earth, to the ground, and massaging them will help you connect with yourself and your own foundations. Your foundations, your basic beliefs affect everything else, affect the whole structure of your being, and if your foundations are strong, your connection to the divine will open, and it can strengthen, and be illuminating.




Here is a video illustrating how to give yourself a loving massage. It also has some pointers on reflexology. You can also use a Thai Foot Massage Stick if your hands are too tired or if it’s too painful to apply the necessary/desirable pressure.


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