Mini Post 10: Signs of a Soul Mate Relationship

How do you know you’re with your soul mate? We can have multiple relationships simultaneously and they can all be soul mates. A soul mate can be a friend, a lover, or family.

Here is a quick list of signs that you are in a soul mate relationship:

1. It is easy. The relationship is natural. Everything just flows and you get along well without effort.
2. You find each other often without trying and without being aware. Your meetings are just natural. Perhaps you work together, have a friend in common, and so on. There are No extreme coincidences that cause surprise or reflection. The coincidences in the soul mate relationship are often things that make the relationship easier and more enjoyable.
3. Meaning, that you share a lot of the same tastes (music, colors, shows, literature, hobbies).
4. When it comes to spiritual signs like numbers, words, or colors, it depends on how close of a soul mate he or she is. The longer you know each other, there more you have met in previous lives, the more spiritual the relationship gets.
5. Differences and compromises. Differences in religion, beliefs, language, and so on, are common and surmountable.

Soul mate relationships are an intricate aspect of the soul’s evolution. Both through negative and positive experiences, we learn about love and life.


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