The Near Twin

"Conversation in the Rain" by Dom Crossley
“Conversation in the Rain” by Dom Crossley

There are soul mates. There are twin souls. Within the category of soul mates there are a variety of sub categories, each one providing a different facet of love. We all have soul mates and we all have twin souls; however, not everyone is here to be with their twin, not everyone is looking for a soul mate, not everyone wants or needs the same things. Twin souls are rare and the relationship, whatever form it takes, is strenuous. Aside from the oddities that make the twin soul relationship rare (telepathy, spiritual aspects, fear, doubt), there is what is known as the near twin.

Often writers of this unconfirmed, unproven topic, ignore the subject of the near twin. Why? Well, because what there is to say about the near twin is not pleasant. Perhaps fear of losing readers or followers keeps writers treading on egg shells. Or, these writers don’t know what they’re writing about and get their information from other writers who also don’t know anything. The near twin is often considered a negative, something that should be avoided, and it is barely understood. The near twin adds another level of complexity to the already complex twin soul topic. What the near twin brings to the scene may be contradictory to what is already understood or it may seem that way at first, causing fear and pain. That is why this topic is avoided. I don’t know if everyone in a twin soul relationship will meet a near twin, but it seems to be a necessary part of the soul’s evolution. Keep in mind that not all of this and not all of what is written on the topic is definitive. How could it be? We are exploring and learning and wherever I have doubts I will let you know.

What is the near twin? If the twin soul is the other half, the perfect counterpart for the soul, then the near twin is the quarter half. The near twin resembles the twin soul. It is not the quarter half, that is just a metaphor, but the resemblance between the twin and the near twin is so great that it can be indistinguishable. Twin souls share the same energy, the same mind, the same heart. But this is not in the physical, it is in the spiritual that the twins were one and can again become one. This unity manifests in the physical through a very passionate and difficult love. It is a love that is equal both in giving and receiving. The near twin, however, does not share the same energy, the same soul energy, but it resembles your own energy. Each twin has a near twin. Just as everyone has a twin soul, everyone has near twin.

In a situation where the twins have somehow met, either physically or spiritually, and the near twins appear, confusion, discord, fear, anger, and fights arise. It could be that both twins individually and separately run into their own near twin, or that one does be for the other, or that only one twin meets with his or her near twin. There are various reasons for meeting the near twin, many reasons and lessons. The main reason for this type of relationship is that the near twin provides lessons about love. What those lessons are is personal, varies from person to person, and how long the relationship lasts also varies. A near twin relationship can last a lifetime or just a few months.

There are signs or characteristics of the twin soul relationship and the near twin heavily resembles those signs. It is this extreme similarity between the two, the near twin and the twin, that causes confusion and doubt. Suddenly, you’re not sure if he is your twin soul? Is she really your twin? The twin soul love is profound and while enveloped in it, the twins love only each other, at least, in a manner that is unconditional. That unconditional love that many think cannot be replicated, is replicated in the near twin. There is attraction towards the near twin, love towards him or her, synchronicity, and even telepathy. Here doubt causes everything to fall apart and suddenly, they don’t know each other, don’t know if one belongs to the other, or even if this whole twin soul business is real.

It becomes about uncertainty and identity. There is a sudden apprehension in the relationship, a sudden fear of picking or loving the wrong person, even of betrayal. Twin souls are not immune to betrayal, hate, and jealousy. Often, the twin soul relationship is regarded as some sort of superior relationship and it is idealized, but it is as special as every other connection love makes throughout the planet. What makes the twin soul relationship special is the individuals, for it is supreme for them, not for everyone else. When this doubt and fear that the near twin raised sets in, it is like the beginning or like the initial twin soul meeting where the person doubts of what is real and what is imagined. You don’t know who the other person is, yet you recognize them, and so, you fear approaching him or her. Do I know you? Yes, yes I do.  What if I’ve been wrong all along? What if you are my real twin? These sort of questions bog the mind of the twin, if just one of the twins meets his or her near twin, it pulls him or her away from the true twin. The instinct, the natural response to such situation is to fight the distancing, to fight the love that was once thought unique and exclusive to one person. Here the twins fight and struggle to keep themselves together, deny the possibility of their love being shared or being universal, and they often separate.

The twin soul relationship has many cycles, each one having what one may call themes. There are cycles of intense union, either physical, sexual, or spiritual. There are cycles of challenges, financial and emotional. There are cycles of creative union where the twins work together in harmony and create. The near twin overlaps various cycles depending on the couple, on the individual, on the lessons that need to be learned. For others, for those that have never met their twin soul, for those in a relationship with their near twin, it may be that the near twin cycle could last a lifetime. Near twins and twins are about experiencing an elevated aspect of love, something that allows one to see behind the veil.







Photo Credit: Melissa Portan
Photo Credit: Melissa Portan

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9 thoughts on “The Near Twin

  1. Oh my God! I’ve waited for a whole year to get my confusions away from me. And your post did it!
    Well I am finally to that point when I surrender easily and leave my pride somewhere in the past. After a long journey of weird stuff, continuous reminder of my ex. , and people who look like her, act like her and remind ne of her, i finally understood this.
    For me it’s hard to accept that this concept is real. And yet, everything that has happened must mean something and there is something.
    Before meeting my ex (twin flame) I had some weird stuff going on thay eventually came out as being connected to meeting her. When I met her, I realized that for the first time in my life, I could be myself without trying to impress. It was just me, giving the best and seeing in this woman everything that made me happy and the whole relationship that lasted just 3 months changed my entire life. Many say that when you meet one another, you know. Well.. I can’t say that is true for everyone. Of course, there is something that tells you that there is something about this. That this is special in some way. When I first saw her, I felt so natural and so ME, that it felt like coming home. I didn’t had to act some way or be careful as it all came easily. One thing I can tell you for sure, was that she was glowing when we met. If that makes sense. She was glowing. She had like an aura around her and I looked around at the others, and saw nobody had the same glow. I thought I was in love and well… I see her soul somehow. I didn’t knew how to explain it. Now I can actually understand why I’ve always been obsessed with Opera. She sings it. :)))
    Everything was intence with her. Feelings, attraction, fights, desire… you name it, it was there. We are both very proud. In many ways, I have so much self confidence and she has none. This are just examples.
    After breaking up, I started meeting people like her. I thought I was going nuts. As much as I was trying to forget,forgive and move on with my life, there was always someone or something that appeared in my life to remind me of her. And then I met the near twin. Same city, same horoscope, same looks, same neighbourhood, same attitude, same, same and same all the way. And it just blew me away. She looked like me in many ways and still a copy of my ex. She was the one that I had a strong connection with but it always felt nothing more than a deep frienship. She had the same story as my ex. I remember that I used to believe that this person came in my life to help me understand my ex and eventually forgive and forget. We had a strong connection and somehow I played a very important role in her life. What I thought she was meant to be to me, I was actually to her. She moved on finally when she met me. She was going thru hell and finally was able to let go of something in her past. But me… well instead of moving on, she kept reminding me of my ex. And I found out about twin flames when I met the near twin. My ex came back and she appologized and we remained friends. But there is this yearning we have for each other. And I know it. And I know her and KNOW what she is thinking or how and feeling and as much as she would try to lie, she can never do it as everything in me knows her. It’s so weird and it’s overwhelming and there are moments when I hate this and her and then I love her so much that it makes me cry of how powerful the feeling is. When I tell someone that I love and hate at the same time, they think I am crazy. And it’s not even real hate. It’s just this battle inside of me. With my own self. I am affraid to surrender and yet, I want to surrender. It’s crazy and it’s new. And as much as i would try to ignore this, i know i can’t. I have this feeling inside that tells me this is forever. Is it?

    1. Oh what a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing and I am very happy that I helped somehow. You made my day! Yeah, this kind of thing is not understood by many. It is either considered a fantasy or an unhealthy obsession. I believe it is real, I’ve spoken with others who have gone through similar experiences, and here you are, sharing your experiences. And yes, every relationship is different and each twin soul union is different. As for the hate and love thing, they are both part of the same thing… I cannot tell you if your relationship will last forever, but the twin soul love is eternal, even in separation. The agony, confusion, doubt, however, do end. Those things don’t last forever and as your love matures, they wane away.
      I just wrote this and maybe it can give your more info.

    2. I wish my twin is like you, instead I am the spiritual one while he is the matrix twin who is still stuck in the 3D, refuses to wake up, always front and never say how he really feels although I feel everything he feels and vice versa. He refuses to believe in the connection and continues to run. I used to get angry, sad, depressed, everything’s all the emotions you’re supposed to feel, I felt it. Separation is never easy and it’s really a test the Universe is giving us to see if we are REALLY ready to handle this intense Soul Connection. It is unlike any other connection on this Earthly plane.

      1. Hey Sayleak, sounds like you have an interesting thing going on. Try to have patience, perhaps that is the lesson for you. The lessons for twin souls are never one sided, so while your partner may need to learn to embrace his emotions, you may need to learn to have patience and understanding.
        Anyway, good luck!

        1. Thank you for replying Melissa, I don’t know why I never saw your notification. You are so right and honestly I can say I have learned so much within this short period of time. Looking back reading the comment I posted on here just made me shake my head in disbelief. I can’t believe I was even thinking like that, even on my high horse saying I’m the enlightened one lol!! Wow!! Was that really me? I’m kidding…thank you so much you are right the lesson was patience for me and understanding him and why he is the way he is and why I was the way I was. We were both growing together and I couldn’t see that because I was still stuck on the hurt that I thought he caused, in reality the hurt was caused because of me not letting go and not really digging deeper to see why he acted the way he did. It was a true reflection of me to see what I needed to work on within myself and nothing to do with him, he was just reflecting all that for me to see. I truly understand now and I wouldn’t want it any other way. How else would I have learned and grow so much within this short amount of time if he wasn’t there to push it. I’m on a better path now and content with my life going forward. I wish you the best, thank you for sharing your views and taking your time or to write back. I appreciate you love and light ❤️🙏🏼

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I started looking into TF after reading a fiction novel, and my own TF and NTF experiences. Your posts are so enlightening. Thank you.

    Well I met my NTF a few years ago, he is four or so months older than me. I’d say 90% of the time I was sad, angry and confused. I’d never met someone so manipulative, jealous and untrusting. Nothing I did changed this fact. In the end he destroyed all trust and respect I had for him. After things ended he tried making me jealous and reconnect. It took my all not to, and there was a big part of me that wanted to. I was a shell of a person for those following months. Someone he talked to about me, even warned me never to go back.

    Well I met my TF just over 11 months later. I wasn’t looking and still healing from my experience with my NTF. I met my TF and just felt calm and easy to talk to. Even though I wasn’t looking I still couldn’t get him out of my head. My NTF showed his colours again by trying to make me jealous. A week later I cleared everything that I had saved from my NTF.

    After meeting my TF again I started to see what I needed to change to move forward with life. I couldn’t hide from myself and I started to see all the negative behaviours I had learned in childhood. At times I was angry because I saw these behaviours and had no clue (still don’t) how or where to start to change them. I just know that I have to heal and move forward. I was told by the person closest to me, that I will come to a point where I want to change. (Sick and tired of being sick and tired.)

    My TF has the same star sign as me, and he is also a few months older than my NTF.
    A close friend who gave me my first deck of oracle cards, and who I talk to about this sort of thing said she saw me with a man with dark eyes. My TF has dark brown while my NTF has blue. I recently found out my TF and NTF each have a close friend who share the same name, and I’m trying to fight off feelings of jealousy and sadness.

    I’ve seen signs as well like my brother bought something from where my TF works. Also one item I have is made by someone with the first name as my TF, while the last name is the same as someone close to my NTF.

    I’ve also a few weeks ago I had been walking when all of a sudden clear as day my TF showed up and spoke to me, yet I could still see where I was going. I can’t remember what was said. I’ve also been talking to someone we both know and my mind has gone completely blank, this also sometimes happens when they mention him.

    I was wondering if NTF’s can still stir up trouble even if you meet your TF.

    1. Hey Hope,

      Thanks for sharing and compliments!

      Yes, Near Twins can definitely cause problems even if you are in a relationship with your Twin Soul/Twin Flame. Actually, near twins seem to come around exactly when you are in a relationship with the twin. It seems that their purpose is to challenge the perception of love, how you understand love, how you see your own relationship, and so on.

      I think that in order for you to stop feeling jealousy when it comes to your near twin is to come to terms and accept that you loved this person and that on some level you still do. It is not betrayal even though it may seem to be or even though by conventional standards it may be considered to be. This is what I mean about challenging the perception of love. Meditate and identify who you love, how you love them, and why you do.

      I know what you mean about being sick and tired about being sick and tired. Not until recently I was feeling the same. I guess it only changed because something in my life finally ended, a finished chapter finally sealed, if you know what I mean. So, maybe this feeling is something we get when things are ending and there is a change coming, yet we are unaware of it but somehow inside we feel it, causing this tiredness. Maybe the near twin cycle is coming to an end for you and he will be out of your life soon. That or something else is going to change and it will render the effects of the near twin minor, or something will make you move on.

      Your story sound eerily familiar, thanks for sharing!

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