How to Communicate with Your Twin Soul

“Old Pay Phone” by Alex

Twin soul, twin flames, twin rays, come together in different ways. Some twins meet physically and have what we can call a normal relationship. Other twins come to know of each other through dreams, visions, or just don’t move into a physical relationship just yet. And lastly, there are the twins that are separated by worlds, literally. There are instances where one twin is in the spiritual plane and the other is here with the rest of us. This happens when one of the twins ascends before the other. Regardless of a twin’s situation, twins always manage to communicate somehow. For every different scenario, the method of communication is the same; love.

Twin souls are the same soul and they are united by an eternal love. They are each other’s essence. It is through love that the twins can communicate. It may sound cheesy. It may sound like a cliché, but love has no bounds. The love that twin souls feel for each other is the highest love there is although it may not always fully manifest. This type of love holds all of the loves. Communication between the twins happens naturally and it grows gradually.

Dreams. For those beginning their twin soul paths, dreams of the other twin are common. Maybe you see him or her walking ahead in a crowd. Maybe you have conversations. The subconscious is the first to recognize our desires and love brings with it very strong desires. Those desires manifest in dreams and although most of the dream matter, by matter I mean what happens in the dream, is unrelated or foggy to the memory, the communications with the other twin have an unshakable realness to them. So, how do I communicate with my twin through dreams more? Remember that this is a natural part of the relationship, being able to communicate with someone who is not in the same room and without words is natural (unlike other types of relationships). As the intensity of your love for this person grows and his or her love for you grows, communication will grow. This means that dreams of one another will become more frequent. As your conscious mind is more and more occupied with thoughts, fantasizing, and processing feelings for this other person, your subconscious will begin to open up. Once your subconscious, once you fully embrace your love, you’ll be able to reach deeper and find that love connection. It is like Journey to the Center of the Earth. You are drilling deeper and deeper, walking through caves that are dark and hidden beneath the bustling everyday-activities, until you suddenly hit a soft spot on the ground. Once there, you will hesitate. Your heart will beat faster. you’ll tell yourself you’ve gone insane. You’ll want to go back up into the light, into what is familiar. You’ll want to leave things as they are and remain in your comfort zone. But that unignorable thing won’t let you. That pulling you feel will make you jump down into the unknown. And then suddenly you’ll see that you’re falling from a bright blue sky. Suddenly you’ll see a whole new world.

But if you want clearer dreams, or say you have something specific you want to say to your twin, what do you do? The simplest and easiest thing you can do is will it. Every time you go to bed, wish to communicate with your twin. Wish to have dreams of this other person. If your partner feels the same, then you will meet through dreams. Something amazing has to happen for you both to see each other and that is you both have to be in the same sleep cycle. Sleep comes in cycles and the one that allows for dream activity is called REM. But don’t worry about it. I’m just pointing out the fact that once you establish a connection you begin to move in sync through the world.

It often happens that we are not in control of ourselves in our dreams. Through meditation, we can gain control of our dreams. Meditate for ten to fifteen minutes before letting yourself go to sleep. You can either focus your meditation on your twin or you can work on silencing that inner chatter. So long as you meditate, your abilities will grow. To enhance your meditation, add a clear quartz crystal. Program the crystal to bring you mental clarity and to allow you to communicate with your twin.

After communicating through dreams the next level is telepathy. Telepathy is hard to describe. You might be called insane if you describe your experiences to someone. But some say that humans used to communicate through telepathy in the time before language like animals still do. You know that voice you hear inside your head? You know that voice, your own voice? The voice of your conscious? Silence it. Learn to silence it so that the voice of his or her conscious can be heard. Telepathy is more about listening then speaking, at least, in the beginning. For those that have met in the physical and have had a reunion, the telepathic voice will be his or her real voice. Again, each situation is different and this type of telepathy is called aural telepathy. For those who have not yet physically met, the telepathy voice will sound different. Sure, you’ll recognize your own voice but it will feel different, it will sound different.

How to initiate telepathic communication? It will happen naturally. Again, desire and will are what bridge the connection. That intense need to speak to this person, to connect with her or him is what will bring this about. This is why the twin soul relationship is different from all other types of relationships, because telepathy happens only with the belief in the spiritual and through practicing that belief. Meditation is the most effective tool to achieve this type of communication.

Sex. Lastly, there is sex. The twins have a deep, primordial desire to be united. This desire manifests through intense sexual desire, through the intense need to be one. Here is where sex magick or Tantra come into play. Regardless of whether the twins are physically together, the twins exchange energy. At the point of orgasm, focus on your message to the other person. Keep it simple, not whole paragraph. It is more effective if you focus on the love you feel for that person and send it to them, than if you try to have a whole conversation. (Read more here. For a guided exercise click here.)

Twins can say a lot to each other in just moments. As the connection grows communication will get better and easier, to the point that you can have full conversations. Unfortunately, and I have to tell you this, there are laws that we all have to abide by. These laws of the spirit world are mysterious and place a limit to how much you can communicate. Either way, twins will insist. Twins are kind of the rebels of the spirit world. They won’t be stopped.


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25 thoughts on “How to Communicate with Your Twin Soul

  1. I have a question. I’ve never dreamed about him. Does that mean he isn’t my twin soul? We aren’t in a relationship right now, just to be clear. It’s *sigh* sad.

    1. Hey, thanks for the question. I cannot tell you whether he is your twin. You have to figure it out for yourself. In the case that he is, you will simply know. Having dreams about or with your twin depends. How long have you guys known each other?

    2. do you dream a lot in general and are you the awakened twin?

      take those facts into consideration. if you are awakened you are more likely to dream i would say.

      2ndly i remember i have gone through periods when i dont recall my dreams… i think it has to do with your vibration and health as how most of us live today isnt very good for us.

  2. Technically, since we were 5. But, I lost contact with him up until last year May. It was the most random thing tbh. But yeah. We were talking and he said he liked me and I didn’t believe him. Then, he got a girlfriend but during the semester, kept on staring at me and w/e. That intensity was always there though. From the 1st moment I re-met him again. Never felt anything like it before. This is Anonymous (Jodi) again btw 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing! Like I said, I can’t give you a certain answer. Have you experienced spiritual changes or events? Do you meditate? Twin souls have a strong spiritual relationship that affects all aspects of their lives. If you haven’t experienced anything like that and maybe you even feel like it’s not your thing, then maybe this is your soul mate. I’ll post more about soul mates today. Also, if you guys are in contact now and he is single, give the relationship a chance if you really want to.

      1. I have experienced strong spiritual changes. Honestly, it’s been like since I met him, every issue I had to face came at me full throttle. I have experienced an almost aggressive growth period and I’ve been loving it. He’s…..weird though. He’s a Venus in Aquarius and it reflects…..honestly. I’m Venus in Gemini which also reflects lol. I don’t think he’s my soulmate because I’ve encountered some soulmates in my life already. But, reading “Signs and Symptoms of Twin Souls” list haha he falls under it…..I think. But, I can’t know until I fully give him a chance. I actually told him I liked him in January at the start of 2nd semester (we’re both 1st year University students, age 19) but he apparently already had the girlfriend and I haven’t spoken to him directly since.

        Thanks for your responses btw! 🙂

        1. See. You have your answer. 🙂 What I suggest you do is that you live your life to the fullest, that you focus on being as much of yourself as you can be, and find your footing. In being true to yourself you are naturally being true to your counterpart and in time it will bring you together. But remember, twins go through cycles of union and separation. Each relationship is different. Much love and I would love to continue to hear from you.

    1. Hey! Sorry for the late response.

      Dreams are tricky because they are very personal, very intimate. It is possible that your partner not remember your dream meeting because of many reasons. One reason he may not remember is because he normally does not remember his dreams. In order for someone to remember his or her dreams he or she needs to have that habit or ability to do so. Also, that person has to be receptive and have an open mind. He has to be open to the idea of being able to communicate with someone through a dream. If he is not open to this or does not even consider it a possibility. These are the things that allow someone to remember their dreams. However, there is also the possibility that you really did not have a meeting with him. The mind has a way creating a reality we desire in order to satiate those desires. The last possibility is that you connected to his subconscious. In this case, it can be painful because he may not be aware of his feelings towards you and may behave differently than he did in the dream. But, this is rare. Dreams are the realm of the subconscious and so take your time when analyzing your dreams.

      I will write more about dreams soon. Thanks for your question!

      1. I see, thank u very much!

        I think i’ve been dreaming with his “higher self” or subconscious….it’s very confusing 😓 i rlly don’t know what to do ‘cuz every time i ask him for some advice about this issue or how to help his incarnation in earth to evolve he never answers anything clearly…

        1. If he doesn’t answer then he is probably not aware of his interactions with you, he is not ready, or he doesn’t want to. Maybe he is answering but there is too much noise in your mind for you to listen. Sometimes if you quiet your mind the answer will come to you. But if you are pushing your questions and asking why and how, then the answer will not get through. That is why meditation is vital, not only for twin souls but for spiritual purposes too. Lastly, it is really not your concern to help him evolve. It may sound harsh, but hear me out. If he is your twin, then the best thing you can do is improve yourself and live your life to the fullest degree possible. Twins help each other evolve naturally, often without being aware of it, and the universe puts them through situations that will strengthen and unite them. So, by just being you, you are helping him evolve. And, he is helping you evolve too.

  3. Everyday for about a week I’ve been dreaming of this guy. Every night when I go to bed I have a very realistic nightmare, usually I’m being chaced by someone who is trying to kill me. I’ve never really had many lucid dreams but it’s weird because it suddenly started happening the night of my 18th birthday. The nightmares are incredibly scary and vivid. I can control what I am doing but I can’t seem to make the killer disappear. So in every dream I start off being chased and eventually I either run to where ever the guy is (unknowingly… I’m never looking for him I just happen to see him) or he comes to me and saves me from the killer like not really saves but as soon as he’s there the nightmare ends and the killer disappears and it’s just him. It’s been so weird. I feel like I love him when I see his face. I can’t really think of his face when I wake up but in my dream it’s clear as day. When I try and remember while awake I can only think of his smile. So after I happen to “find” him I feel like I know and love him. Like in one dream I was running and I seen him sitting watching tv through one of the Windows of a house I was about to pass. I stopped running and felt this pang in my heart as if I was missing him for all my life. I open the gate and just walk up the oath and into his house and I hug him and tell him that I’ve missed him so much. Keep in mind that I can control what I am doing and I just felt like that’s what I should have said to him because I really felt that way. My sister often wakes me up from my dreams and it feels like I’m trying to hang on to the dream so hard I don’t want him to go and when I wake up I feel like I just lost him forever. Every night I’ve been terrified and excited to sleep because after the nightmare I know I’ll see him or he’ll find me. It’s been making me feel a little crazy. I’ve heard of people having dreams of their soul mate or twin flame do you think that’s what he might be? One of the dreams was an out of body experience if that matters…

    1. Hey Alexia! Thanks for sharing your lovely story.

      Nightmares are common during stressful times. Nightmares of being chased are usually related to avoiding problems. Try meditation. Meditate on the things you are trying to avoid and maybe those chasing types of nightmares will stop.

      It’s great that you can control your actions in your dreams and that you have that sense of awareness that this situation/dream is repeating itself. This means that you can, if you would like, start exploring the spiritual world either by way of a practice or astral projections. It indicates that you are opening yourself up to higher energies, that you are starting something.

      If I’m understanding what you wrote, then I am assuming that you don’t actually know who this man is. You don’t physically know each other. He also seems to be older than you. I cannot tell you for sure whether he is a soul mate or your twin soul. But if he is coming into your dreams, then there is a possibility he is your twin. Maybe you guys just haven’t met and for many couples that is how they first meet, through dreams. However, there are other possibilities. I don’t know if you are aware of spirit guides or angels. This person could be a spirit guide showing you his protection over you, providing you with the safety you need. Relationships with spirit guides can be very profound and full of love, but it is not the romantic type of love, yet it is strong and comforting. There may be negative energy around you and this being may be warding it off for you. Lastly, this could be the manifestation of your desires to have a partner to protect you, to save you from whatever difficulties you may be going through now. It is up to you to figure out which it is and no one can tell you for certain.

      If it is your twin, you will start to experience other things. But here is something you can try: before going to sleep set the intention to meet with him. And set the intention to tell him to find you in your dreams, meaning, tell him to find you, to come to your dream. If you manage to do that, the next night do not intend to find him, do not try to find him, and try to just go to sleep. Imagine some other dreamscape. If he finds you and the dream is different than what you have written here and/or experienced, then you are communicating with someone. Also, write down your dreams. This will help you remember your dreams clearly and you will grow to understand yourself more. Maybe then, you will be able to remember his face.


      1. Thank you, Melissa for your reply! Sorry for the jumbly post. Your right I’ve never seen him before in person. When I first had the dream I dismissed it but he showed up a second time and I thought maybe an angel has been coming to me in my sleep. The thing is in a few dreams I have quite the potty mouth and it made me wonder if an angel or spirit guide would find this acceptable lol I remember in one dream he cursed too. I don’t really feel romantic feelings for him but I feel some sort of love like the way you love a friend you’ve had for a very long time. Also I’ve never been one to have nightmares like I almost never have nightmares. I have been extremely stressed lately mostly stressed over where my life is going and what my relevance in the world is.

        One thing I noticed is the days that I go to bed on time my dreams are more realistic and I can control them better. also about his age he does look older he looks maybe 20-22.

        How do you you suggest I test in one of my dreams to see if he’s a figment of my imagination?

        1. I’m so glad you are sharing this. I had to chuckle because I had a very similar experience a while back, meeting someone through a dream and embarrassing myself and offending him. Spirit guides and angels are not the way people usually think they are. They have personalities and sometimes quite the vocabulary, if you know what I mean. But as long as you do not insult your guides or disrespect them, they will stay with you for as long as you need them or for as long as you want them to.
          The reason you remember your dreams more and are able to control them more when you go to sleep at your regular time is because of your body’s natural rhythm. Your body has enough time to rest and so the sleep process is not being rushed or cut short.
          How do you know if he’s a figment of your imagination? Telepathy does that, it makes you wonder if you are imagining the whole thing or if it is real. But here, think of dreams as a serious of photographs. Your typical dream is an amalgamation of the images and moments of the day/s. And so, the dream is limited only to what the mind has managed to capture. Even the people in dreams, whether they are friends or family, will seem limited. It is like looking into a school kid’s shoebox project, it reflects everyday life on a small, limited scale. People’s actions will seem repetitive and there won’t be a fluid communication between you and them. You can recognize a being entering your dreams because you can recognize a consciousness. There is a moment where you realize this person you are talking to is more alive than the surroundings, more sentient, and there is intentional communication. He or she will say things to you that you would not have thought of, that is how you know you are communicating with another consciousness. You will think to yourself, “Hey, I didn’t think of that. You’re right.” So when that being provides some sort of unexpected insight you will know that he is not you, that he is not a part of your imagination. If the messages or conversations were coming from within you, from your subconscious, then you would see only yourself. You would see your reflection or you would be alone in your dreamscape travels.
          Lastly, I know you are very concerned with what you want to do with your life and I can only suggest that you follow your desires/dreams. Find a way to mix your passion with your practical endeavors.

      2. Oh yeah also another thing that started happening the night of my 18th bday before I went to bed… Panic attacks I’ve had 3 in this week and I’ve never had one in my life I have no idea what triggered them because they usually come randomly at night time when I’m watchig tv or doing homework.

        1. It does sound like you are very stressed. It is great that you are thinking about where your life is going and what you want to do for the world, and I congratulate you for it because most people your age are not concerned with these sort of things. Try meditation. There are a couple posts here on the subject and a few videos too. Panic attacks are horrible and when they happen they feel like they are not going to end or like they will just keep coming back. You are in a period of transition and this seems to be causing you a lot of stress. Try the meditation. Look into They have very good videos both in their website and YouTube. I have used them for yoga and meditation. For the time being, keep from watching horror movies and such. What you watch on tv can surface at night through dreams, but dreams of being chased are usually because we are avoiding something. So, confront what you are avoiding during a meditation. You will be fine. In the case that you feel your condition is worsening and getting out of your control seek help, medical or from someone you can talk to.
          Panic attacks usually happen randomly or when things seem normal, if that makes any sense. And they surge suddenly because our minds are trying to get us to pay attention to an issue. But once you know you are having a panic attack you begin to take back control over it, you begin to take back control over yourself. That is what awareness does and through meditation it is achieved.

  4. Finally someone who understands! Finally! My twin ray is worlds appart, where I originate from, as a matter of fact. I have been aware of him my whole life! I was drawing him and writing about him and my memories like in a trance. And visions are so intense… When we communicate it can be physically unbearable. But its not negatve, its just a relationship that cannot be manifested in third dimension. Oh well… this is my last lifetime here, I’m going home soon so its okay 😀 🙂

    Thank you for your writting!


  5. This was a great blog post. I’m glad I found it. When I was around 6 or 7 years old I saw a spirit at the end of the bed, fixing the covers at my feet. (I later came to realize that he was from the Renaissance Era, hence his strange appearance. As a kid his appearance really confused me). Over my lifetime I’ve had a lot of dreams about him. (I’ve been told his name is Patrick). In one of them I was TERRIFIED of him, because in that dream there was a battle going on, swords and all. He was on his horse and he was the leader. (By the way, one morning I wondered out loud what the name of his horse was. After I went back to sleep that morning I dreamed the answer. I saw an old piece of parchment paper with the horses name on it, as well as a quick definition describing the type of horse it was. The information came in really fast, so I didn’t even catch all of it). But back to the other dream: I was trying to hide from him inside some tent. Words cannot express the fear I felt about him in that dream. When I woke up from the dream I literally sat up in bed, like immediately. Lol! It was so intense, and when I woke up I was actually a little angry because I don’t feel that he’s anything to fear at all. It was like in that dream he had an evil twin or something. Lol!
    I later came to realize that that dream he concocted himself, to let me know that he will always protect me. (Although I do think it might also be past life related, because when I was hiding from him inside that tent I had a handmaiden with me). After I had that dream he started coming to me in my dreams ‘incognito,’ so that he wouldn’t scare me so much I guess. Lol! He would come as “Dr. Mac Neil” from the old tv series ‘Christy.’ (Or maybe he came in disguise as him simply because I was comfortable with that image). I finally realized it was really him in all those dreams years later. (Because in that dream, when he turned around to look at me I saw Patrick’s eyes instead). Over the years I’ve even heard his voice. (With my own ears and on tape).
    Still, I gotta confess that I’m still iffy on whether twin flames are real but I’ve been researching it for years and – obviously – am very open minded. Skeptical, but openminded. (I have a blog of my experiences and have even written a work of fiction loosely based on him. I often feel like the reason I wrote any of my books is because HE wished for me to do so. I think a lot of the truth came out through the writing actually). The one experience that I have had which makes me believe there’s a big possibility that twin flames are in fact a real thing, is that in one dream that I had, when he turned around and looked into my eyes… I actually felt uncomfortable. Lol! In that dream I was MADLY in love with him, but once he looked into my eyes… I knew there were no secrets between us and that he knew things about me that even I don’t know! I remember feeling like he could see into my very soul. And I have to say… a few of those dreams actually depressed me for a long time. It was the feelings in them that I just couldn’t shake. (And keep in mind that for half of that time I didn’t even realize that it was actually him. I just hadn’t made the connection yet). I used to always see the same numbers, too. 1’s and 2’s. Goodness, did I see those numbers together ALL THE TIME! Okay, I see I’ve rambled quite enough so I’ll stop there. Sorry. Lol! I do that a lot when at a keyboard.

    1. Whew! That’s quite the story! Thanks for sharing. Just so you know, the blog has moved to and there are new posts on the topic there.

      From reading your story I am reminded of spirit guides and Gods. I don’t know if you believe in multiple Gods, so I won’t impose any of my beliefs. But in my experiences, Gods are the ones capable of concocting/creating dreams and appearing in the image of those we are familiar with. Spirit guides and other “lesser” Gods can also do the same thing. The feeling when encountering such a being is like what you describe; uncomfortable, like nothing is hidden, like they see your soul. It is also possible to feel intense love for these beings, because they ARE love. These beings often have messages for others, for you, for humanity, and through inspiration, by inspiring the person, their charge, they fulfill their mission and the charge’s mission. Spirit guides are the ones closest to us, so they appear often in dreams, changing appearance yet we can immediately recognize them. They take on a hands-on approach to inspiring us and guiding us. Spirit guides can also be past soul mates, which may be why you are having past life memories. There is so much info and I can go on and on.

      I’d love to read your blog, so put in a link. 😉

      Hope this helps. Your intuition will answer your doubt.

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