Twin Souls: The Narrow Telescope

Twins souls, twin rays, twin flames, whatever you want to call them, dance through the universe, pirouetting around each other. Because of who they are to each other, they focus on each other. Essentially, one becomes the sun of the other. Or one becomes the moon of the other. There is a hint, if not blatant, of worship for the other. This love is deeper than what words can describe and when I say worship it is not in the sense that one bows down to the other; rather that both are in awe of each other and have the utmost respect for each other. It’s almost like you are afraid to touch him or her because everything is as it should be and you don’t want to change that.

There is plenty of confusion out there concerning twin souls. Many confuse twins with soul mates. Many disregard the idea. And then there is the near twin. And there is love in all these different types of relationships, making the thing even more confusing. But what happens to twin souls once they discover each other is that they begin to see the world through a very narrow telescope. This can happen to soul mates. This can happen to anyone. Again, what distinguishes the twin souls is the spiritual aspect of it.

Once the twins discover each other, however that may be (spiritual or physical), they become each other’s focus. Whatever spiritual practice each had starts to be focused on the twin, whether it is about reuniting with the twin, or discovering more about this thing. In a word, obsession. The twins become obsessed with each other. Again, obsession happens to everyone, but it is the kind of obsession and how one obsesses that is different for the twins. The distinctions between these love souls (twins, near twins, soul mates) are sometimes very fine. Because love is so massive, because it is an element of the soul, there is overlap in each category. The universe is fluid, not clear-cut and concrete.

Suddenly, the twins’ main concern is to reunite. They become focused on finding each other or on being together. Friendships are lost or sacrificed in order to allow them to be together. The twin comes first, the twin comes before anything else, nothing matters as much as the twin. This is when each twin starts to lose themselves in the other. Each twin loses sight of what is important. This phase can be classified as unhealthy, but it is inevitable. Although being hyper-focused on another person, it is a part of the twin soul relationship and the benefits outweigh the negative. This is what distinguishes the twin soul relationship from any other, meaning that soul mates that obsess over each other end up losing so much more. The twins will gain much wisdom and spiritual knowledge through this process of integration with the other.

This tends to happen at the beginning of the relationship. Everything is fresh, new, and they are both discovering themselves and each other. But this phase or cycle can stretch out further into the relationship and it happens in waves that vary in intensity. For example, at the beginning the  twins will want nothing but to be together all of the time. Later on, one of the twins will want to separate, to have some personal space. So here the focus will be inverted, yet the focus will remain of the twin soul. This means that things will be upside down, things will be reversed. Some refer to this as a separation cycle and term the twins the runner and the chaser. But each twin will take turns being the runner or chaser.

There, it seems, is very little the twins can do to control these cycles. The twins go through these cycles because they are lessons and these lessons are dictated by the universe.



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6 thoughts on “Twin Souls: The Narrow Telescope

  1. Hi Melissa…The guy i believe is my twin, passed away before I was ever able to share with him how I felt or ask him how he felt…I am married and did everything in my power to avoid the feelings and pull towards my twin but ultimately was never able to get him out of my mind, the intensity and magnetism only grew with time. I am really struggling with understanding why I would find him only to lose him before anything ever could have come of it. There has been so many synchronicities its overwhelming since he died. I just feel broken to a million pieces and the only one that could ever fix me is gone forever. Have you ever known anyone that’s twin flame has passed away?

    1. I’m sorry you’re suffering so much now. Death is a really traumatic separation especially when things feel so incomplete.
      One reason you seem to be so confused about this whole thing is that you have a misconception or misunderstanding of what the twin soul relationship is like or supposed to be. Most people believe that the twins complete each other and, like you said, fix each other, and they do, but not in the romantic sort of way. This is why it is so difficult. Twin souls do not fix each other, per se, each one is responsible for fixing themselves and in that way they fix each other. But one cannot blatantly fix the other or teach the other, it happens by virtue. I’ll write a post on this because there is more to it, but hopefully you get the gist of what I’m saying. So, though this may sound harsh it is reason to have hope because this means that whatever you feel needs to be fixed inside of you can still be fixed, by you and those around you, by whatever life will teach you, and so on. Another thing, twins are never gone forever. Twins always meet again in other lives. When? It depends on many things, but the twin soul connection is always there, it just becomes weaker or stronger during certain lifetimes, sometimes to the point we are not aware of it.
      I don’t know anyone who has lost their twin, but someone shared a similar experience here, maybe you can reach out to them or comment on those threads. I believe one was on the When Reunion Doesn’t Happen post.

  2. another thing I forgot to mention in regards to synchronicities, I have read several other web pages regarding twin flames over the last 3 1/2 years since he died…yesterday 11/11 i found your page, I clicked on your doorway photo that takes us to another side of you and the photos of the Kawasaki motorcycle and fireworks were exactly a sign from him…he loved Kawasaki motorcycles, in fact he died riding his Ninja, and the fireworks was a sign I had a few days earlier, they went off right outside my apartment while I was having sex with my husband..ITS CRAZY!! or at least that’s how its made me feel….I hope you can shed some light on this 🙂

    1. I am sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your experience.
      These synchronicities you are describing, the fireworks and the kawi, are specific messages for you and no one else. For someone else that other page may have no meaning at all. The fact that you found my page on 11/11 is the universe letting you know you are on the right path and that you are entering a time in your life where you will gain much knowledge (spiritual and wisdom). You have to figure out what these things mean and you can do so by tuning into how you feel. Do you feel peaceful after receiving those messages? Does what you’re doing feel okay? When these things happen, when this type of communication between the spiritual and physical happens, it can at first seem unreal, crazy, imagined, but it is just the newness and unfamiliarity that makes it feel like that. Perhaps your twin is letting you know that it is ok, that he is ok, but really, I can’t tell you for sure. Only you can know the truth. You can keep exploring or following these messages and ask for guidance if you’d like, keep learning about it.

      1. Thank you so much for replying, everything you said makes perfect sense and it all resonates very deeply with me. Im grateful to have found your page and for your advice!! Love & light xxxo

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