Guided Meditation (Video): Grounding Tibetan Singing Bowls

Everyone feels fear, uncertainty, and lost sometime. A way to regain inner stability is through meditation. Another way is through meditation with Tibetan singing bowls. The tradition of singing bowls is ancient and sacred, each sound produced by the singing bowls resonates with spiritual energy. Sometimes, feeling scared, lost, confused, uncertain, is due to negativeContinue reading “Guided Meditation (Video): Grounding Tibetan Singing Bowls”

Challenges to Expect When Beginning on Your Path

The moment you decide to leave what you know and explore the undercurrents of your beliefs, you encounter many challenges. There are personal difficulties that you will have to overcome if you are leaving your religion, but there are external difficulties that will try you in many ways. Whether you are leaving a mainstream religion, orContinue reading “Challenges to Expect When Beginning on Your Path”

Mini Post 15: Energetic Cleanse with the Ocean

Maybe you have heard of this type of energy cleanse. It is common when referring to cleansing quartzes and crystals of negative energy or reprogramming them. There is a method of cleansing crystals that uses sea salt. The crystals are put in water with sea salt and left over night or any other variation the person would like.Continue reading “Mini Post 15: Energetic Cleanse with the Ocean”