Hot Post: The Female Breast Orgasm

 The female breasts are the two points on a woman’s body where her sexuality mingles with her heart. The breasts are where a woman’s partner finds arousal, causes arousal, a place that is admired, caressed, and loved. Regardless of the size of a woman’s breasts, the size and shape of the areolae, breasts are intimatelyContinue reading “Hot Post: The Female Breast Orgasm”

Warning! Hot Guide Post: How to Sexually Please a Woman

A woman is a beautiful and complex being. Physically speaking there are many ways to please her and she is capable of different orgasms (refer to The Female Orgasm). Before you begin trying to please a woman I recommend figuring out why you want to please her (read this first). Bring clarity to yourself and it willContinue reading “Warning! Hot Guide Post: How to Sexually Please a Woman”

Understanding the Question: How do you please a woman?

Many want to know how to please a woman. Pleasing a woman can mean many things. There is sexual pleasure which is physical and there is emotional/mental pleasure which is intangible. There isn’t one single answer to this question. Whether it is a long-term partner or a new partner or even a casual encounter, pleasingContinue reading “Understanding the Question: How do you please a woman?”