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Warning! Hot Post: Connecting to Your Partner


Although everything is connected it does not always seem or feel so. When it comes to love, it is a journey, rather it is a rollercoaster with exhilarating highs and suffocating lows. So when it feels like love is waning, when it feels like the sparks are not as intense as they once were, there are a few things you can do. If you both practice the same spiritual form, then you can meditate together. However, the most honest and unfiltered communication between a couple often happens in the bedroom.

It is in the most intimate moments when looking into your partner’s eyes that you can feel that intangible connection. Here is one way you can reconnect with your partner during a sexual union. Doing this will connect you on a physical level but also on a more profound level. It begins with being aware of each other’s existence. Weird, I know. How can I not be aware of her or him? He is obviously here. What I mean is that you both realize that you are more than a physical body, that you do not know exactly what else there is and that is okay, even exciting. Decide that you want to explore the unknown together, that you want to get to know each other’s true being or each other’s essence. Little by little changes will happen in the relationship.

When the passions begin to rise, your hands will be the first to move. You will want to touch each other, to reach out to each other. And this is both in a physical and spiritual sense.

Connect to your partner’s inner sexuality with your hands by using them to please him or her. Your hands are very sensitive and full of energy. Your hands are constantly flowing with the warm energy of your heart. There are direct energy lines that carry what you have in your heart to your very fingertips. Find the love and passion, the compassion and admiration you feel for you partner, and let it radiate from your heart outwards. You don’t even have to try so hard. Connecting with your partner is more instinctual than planning it out.  A strong desire with unknown origins is enough to set off an expedition into the wondrous throes of pleasure and it can yield much knowledge. Use your arousal, your mind and fantasies, to your advantage before sex to explore different aspects of your partner. Once you find your partner in the other room, you’ll be charged with sexual energy and ready to experience more profound sex.

Using your hands, work your way around and about your partner’s body gently, following the organic flow of your desire and of his or her hints. Move slowly, very slowly to the intimate areas. If you go directly to the breasts or vagina, she will feel neglected and her arousal won’t match your own. If you go directly to his penis he may feel the same and his sexual energy may be released before either of you wish. Using your touch focuses your eyes and mind, it brings awareness to your partner’s body. In this way, you can appreciate each other more, notice things that you hadn’t noticed before. These details are what build up over time to cause that feeling of deep connectedness with another. You don’t have to have grand transformational visions or epiphanies, feeling each other is enough.

There are different intensities of touch, brush you hands across his chest, touch only your fingertips on her neck, pinch to give him or her a little surprise. Just feel the motions of your partner’s body and feel how he or she expresses himself or herself. Changing how you touch and the pace at which you touch causes different sensations. Breathing quickens or slows depending on how hard you squeeze her. She feels more comforted and safe if your touch is gentle. He might get even more aroused if your hold is firmer. Likewise, a soft, lingering brush of your fingertips on his shoulders can comfort him, thus prolonging the union.

Once orgasm is reached, calm the energies and complete the unification by placing your hand over the mons pubis. This will cam her energy. This is also a way of keeping the energy within and of transferring love to your partner. Whatever flow you both fall into, your hands are the direct and most engaging way of beginning a profound union.



Sex as Something More than Sex



Sex is how humanity has lasted for thousands and thousands of years. Sex is how one expresses love for another. Sex can also be just another sport. Aside from these three functions of sex, there is one more. Sex can function as a bridge to the spiritual world regardless if you are alone are in a relationship. Meaning that sex can help awaken the consciousness to deeper realities and it can connect souls not only on a physical level but a spiritual level too.

For ages religions have condemned sex and repressed sexuality. Why that is is a very hefty topic, filled with arguments and insults, and contradictions. I don’t consider sex as a sin and nothing in this blog will condemn the different aspects of sexuality. There are, however, sexual perversions and that is not what this blog is about. Sex is like everything else in the world; it has a positive side and a negative side. One could say a side of light and a side of darkness. Finding spirituality, comfort, and knowledge in sex is about finding harmony in it. It is about finding balance between the carnal pleasures that sex provides and the wisdom it can bestow.

You cannot remove the sex from the pleasure you extract from it, nor should you do so. It is when sex becomes only about pleasure that it becomes base and not beneficial. Again, a balance needs to be found in order for life to be fulfilling, for sex to feel good and right. This means that it is okay to have sex simply to enjoy its pleasures. ( Personally, I believe that if sex is to be part of a spiritual practice then it should be practiced only with a partner you love or alone. But everyone does as they see fit and I am no judge. In another post I will explain my idea further.) When you go into sex with only the intention of receiving pleasure your consciousness, in other words your mind, is not open to the possibility of finding new knowledge. It all begins with the mind. Revolutionizing sex in your life starts with your perceptions of it.

So, how can sex be something more? And what more can it be? You keep mentioning knowledge but what knowledge is there to be gained? The kind of knowledge and wisdom one can gain through practicing sex as something more than carnal needs is spiritual or metaphysical. It relates to what is beyond technical knowledge, which eventually becomes out dated, and to the big questions of life. Matters of the soul and life can be understood and unraveled through sex. How? Here is when sex starts to become something more. Through a meditative state that is amplified by the intensity of sex, or by the raised sexual energy, certain thoughts begin to enter the mind. When you think of sex as being something more than sex, when you think of it as being more significant than the moment of orgasm, is when it does become something more; that is when your mind begins to bloom and your senses begin to perceive more. Think of it as being a way to connect, to connect to the universe, to your partner, to higher consciousness, and so on. After changing the way you think of sex, either with your partner or with yourself (masturbation), coincidences happen outside of the bedroom that guide you to whatever answer you seek. And so, in this way, you get more out of sex than just a momentary bliss. This happens because the mind affects our reality, our world, and our energies become stronger and attract whatever is needed to achieve the set goal or to answer the posed question. This is also where the boundary between regular sex and sacred sex begins to vanish. Sacred sex is about feeling the motions of the universe within you as you move. It is about feeling the connection between yourself and the world, yourself and your partner, and yourself and divinity.

Love is a powerful force. When love is shared between a couple it creates beauty in the person’s life. Light and positivity surround the couple. It is this goodness that love brings that can be intensified during sex. Sex can connect souls, but only if that is the intention and if the awareness is there. In this way, sex can be more than a physical unifier. This is how a more profound bond can be built with your partner. Here you gain knowledge of each other, you get to know each other more, and you learn more about love.