Sexuality, Spirituality, Sacred Sex, and Tantra

Where does one’s sexuality fit within the spiritual? Does it matter if I’m gay or lesbian? Does it matter if I’m transsexual? I am not a virgin, is that okay? I’m a virgin, what about me? Can I practice Tantra? Can I reach enlightenment even though I’m gay? It does not matter where you standContinue reading “Sexuality, Spirituality, Sacred Sex, and Tantra”

Tantric Meditation: The Circle of Light

        Part two of the video. The following technique is more advanced. Refer to Increasing Your Sexual Energy for an introduction and discussion on raising your kundalini. And here is an alternative technique for those that are single or prefer to practice alone before practicing with a partner.      

Warning! Hot Post: The Flaming Lotus

The Flaming Lotus exercise will help ignite the sexual energy that you already posses but may have become dormant and hidden beneath various thoughts or feelings. Practice and adjust this exercise to fulfill your needs. This will be beneficial if you are struggling not only with sexual and sexuality issues but also if you areContinue reading “Warning! Hot Post: The Flaming Lotus”