Sexuality, Spirituality, Sacred Sex, and Tantra

Where does one’s sexuality fit within the spiritual? Does it matter if I’m gay or lesbian? Does it matter if I’m transsexual? I am not a virgin, is that okay? I’m a virgin, what about me? Can I practice Tantra? Can I reach enlightenment even though I’m gay? It does not matter where you standContinue reading “Sexuality, Spirituality, Sacred Sex, and Tantra”

The Universe through the Yin Yang Symbol

The Universe is energy and there are different types of energies, different frequencies of energies. From the origin point, if there really is one, to infinity, if there really is no end. This energy is in everything. We can call it consciousness, or love, or energy, or even source. Whatever it is, it is found in everything. ItContinue reading “The Universe through the Yin Yang Symbol”