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Telepathy and Intuition


Writing is a form of communication that can travel far and reach many. Not only is writing a mobile form of communication, but it is also a long-lasting form. We move our mouths and produce odd sounds that we somehow comprehend, and this forms our main method of communication. We communicate through touch, gestures, facial expressions, and body language. There is a constant exchange of information between you and the world around you, between you and the people around you. For example, you are walking down a crowded hallway. People are scattered about, some sitting on the floor, most standing around, others focused on their phones, and some engaged in conversation. Though you don’t make much of it, though you don’t really notice it, though you are thinking your thoughts, there is an exchange going on between you and these strangers. You notice most are ignoring you and you may notice someone checking you out, whatever it is, you are receiving information from what you perceive and what that perception makes you feel. That is the basic and physical form of communication we constantly participate in.

Many think that communication between human beings is limited to the physical senses. How else can you communicate if not with what is visible, tangible, and heard? Yet many have had experiences that challenge the assumption that communication is limited to the physical. Many often describe an odd feeling in their lower stomach before horrible events. Sometimes just the phrase “I knew that was going to happen” sums up that indescribable experience. For example, you’re working at your computer and you get thirsty. You get up, go and get a drink, and come back to your computer. You try to find the perfect spot where you won’t spill your drink. Maybe here. Maybe there. You put the cup down. Then pick it up. Maybe not there. Eh, I’ll just leave there. And you start working again. Moments later, you manage to spill the drink all over. “I knew that was going to happen,” you muttered as you rush to salvage your computer and whatever else. Intuition? Yes, a minor instance of intuition.

Intuition is often described or thought of as a superpower. Mothers often have a very strong sense of intuition when it comes to their children. Even scientists cannot deny or fully explain intuition between mothers and their children.

But what is intuition?

Intuition is a sense that belongs to the extrasensory abilities we all naturally have. Extrasensory perception (ESP) is the thing of psychics and ghosts, of the X-Files and Spooky Mulder, of candles and incense. At least, that is the mainstream perception of intuition. Intuition is seen as something obscure, secret, dangerous, unholy, unnatural, and it is relegated to the darker corners of the imagination. And so, in order to begin to understand and even awaken your intuition, you need to let go of what you think intuition is. As always, when delving into the spiritual and learning, learning anything really, having an open mind and being as aware as possible, are the most beneficial and important things.

So intuition is a sense. You have the physical five senses which are: sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell. And then you have the nonphysical senses of which intuition is one. There are many nonphysical senses: telepathy, intuition, precognition, scrying, etc. There are many psychic or spiritual abilities and many overlap each other. Telepathy and intuition are very closely related. Scrying and clairvoyance are closely related. But the reason telepathy and intuition are grouped here and are being discussed here, is because  these two abilities are the ones that can bring people closer to each other. Telepathy and intuition are abilities that can unite a couple. These are the abilities that can connect you to your spirit guides, to the Gods, to angels, and ascended masters. Telepathy and intuition open the doors of the spiritual reality.

Intuition is that moment when you decide to follow your gut feeling, that instinct, instead of your mind. And the manifestation of intuition is the moment when following through gets you positive results.

Telepathy is different. Whereas intuition is somewhat of a subconscious action, telepathy is a conscious action. Telepathy won’t happen without some amount of effort. Through meditation telepathy can be developed. But how does it work? It is not so easy to explain. For each person telepathy will feel different, work and develop differently. Telepathy is the conscious interpretation of energy, because life is energy. Every living thing, and perhaps even the inanimate, has energy. When we interpret feelings into worded messages, that is telepathy. When two people communicate their thoughts while being in separate rooms, that is telepathy. And it happens because their energies have connected for however long the communication lasts. They are able to understand each other without using words.

Telepathy is communicating with a language beyond words, a language higher than the dense physical existence. Telepathy is the language of the soul.




Mini Post 11: Dreams

Photo by Melissa Portan

Photo by Melissa Portan

Dreams are our inner worlds. Each of us has a soul, we all have different experiences, we have all had different lives, different beliefs, and our dreams reflect those things. Dreams reflect or expose the inner aspects of our outer or superficial beliefs and lives. Dreams provide insights to what’s inside the heart, what the soul is experiencing at a level too deep to be consciously aware of,  perspective on present situations, and even hints of the future. For some, dreams hold no meaning, they are just the result flashing synapses, of crashing neurons. For others, dreams can have profound spiritual meanings. And then, for others, dreams provide psychological insights without being attached to any spiritual or religious notions.

For me, dreams have both spiritual and psychological meanings. How dreams are interpreted vary from person to person, but there are many symbols that have universally understood meanings. By doing research on specific aspects of a dream, something that caught my attention, I find the meaning of the dream. There is also intuition, spiritual knowledge, and so on, that you can use to understand your dreams. Dreams are subjective, meaning that their meanings are personal and change from person to person. Feelings are an accurate compass to navigating the dreamscape and understanding the hidden meanings or messages of your subconscious, your soul, and/or your spirit guides.

That is the other aspect of dreams, communication with other beings.  Most common is receiving messages from loved ones that have died through dreams. The second most common type of dream communication is with spirit guides. Some persons can communicate with each other via dreams, very close soul mates (rare) and especially twin souls (a sign of a twin soul). Perhaps the rarest type of spiritual communication through dreams is that with beings of higher consciousness. It all depends on the person, his or her beliefs, his or her will, and intentions.

As you travel on your spiritual path, regardless of which it is, dreams begin to have more weight. Dreams become more important in a developing spiritual path as more knowledge is gained. Dreams can tell you whether you are going in the right direction, the best direction for you, or if you have gotten lost.


Namaste, friends.




Twin Souls: Signs You Are Establishing a Connection


In the twin soul relationship multiple connections are made. There is the physical connection that the twins make when they physically meet. There is the spiritual connection that is always secretly there.  There is the emotional connection that is established when love exchanges between the twins. There is also the mental connection between the twins that allows for the exchange of thoughts and ideas. When the hearts and minds of the twins connect it establishes an energetic bridge between both of them that allows for a metaphysical type of communication. But how do you know that the connection is indeed established? How do you know a connection of any sort between you and your twin soul is starting to be established?

Note that the twin soul connection is always present. It is there since before you were born and had your first incarnation, since the timeless point where you and your twin were utterly one. What happens is the connection becomes dormant as the soul goes through lives and learns its various lessons. The twins don’t always meet physically first. For this type of relationship it is not necessary to first know the body, the voice, or the name of the person. At its most basic they twin souls have always known each other.

When the Time comes for the twins to finally meet, a few things happen. And when these things happen, the twins will most likely not be aware or will not fully know what is happening. The reason I use the word things here is because it is difficult to describe what happens before the twin soul meeting and before the twin soul connection is fully re-established or awakened. What happens to the twins varies from couple to couple. Different pairs of twins are in different cycles of their souls’ evolutions; meaning that some twins might be meeting for the very first time since their primordial separation while others might be at the stage where they are ready to ascend. Regardless, the changes before being aware of anything to do with the twin are subtle but deeply felt.

The first thing you might notice is what can be described as positivity. Although things might not be perfect in your life, there is a positive edge to everything. You feel comfortable with who you are and you think you know yourself completely. This is all happening before you meet your twin soul and perhaps before you even heard about the concept. You might be single and not even thinking about love, but there are moments in your daily life where suddenly you feel a warmth spread from the area around your belly button up the middle of your chest. And this feeling is warm and it is what we know to be love. But perhaps you perceive it as just a good feeling and give it no further importance. It is when these moments and that feeling become more and more consistent that you begin to notice it.  This happiness or love that you feel sometimes has no explanation and it comes and goes as it wills. There is also the reverse of it and it is just as inexplicable; sudden sadness overtakes you. You may have been fine all day and then suddenly sadness just enters you, the same way the warmth of love had entered before. *(Unknown Emotions.)

Dreams are an important aspect of spirituality. Dreams reflect your psychological state and your spiritual state. If you begin to have dreams where you are aware that you are dreaming it is a sign of your growing spiritual and mental awakening. Before the actual encounter between the twins each experiences a spiritual awakening separately and dreams may be a part of that awakening. Some twins might experience dreams. Maybe you’ve always been someone who believes in dreams and has had highly spiritual and insightful dreams. Having dreams about someone you don’t know and feeling deeply connected to him or her in the dreams is a possible sign of reconnecting to the twin, but only if the connection feels romantic (because it is possible to connect with other spiritual beings through dreams and feel much love, a different type of love). In these types of dreams it is not always possible to see the other person clearly, you just know who it is.

Numbers have meanings and for the twins repeating numbers commonly surround their lives. The numbers like 11 11, 3 3, 10 10, or even single digits begin to seem odd and standout. The time on a clock is always the same when you look at it unconsciously, for example. Numbers is just one way spirit guides and the universe communicate messages to twins and to humanity in general.

Another sign that you are beginning to reconnect with your twin soul is that you start making other connections. Animals are often spirit guides. Animals also carry messages with them. If a certain type of animal is always catching your attention, looking into what it symbolizes and what it means to you. If you have a pet that seems to be smarter than its species normally allows, it may be a spirit guide. The different types of connections that I’m talking about here are the ones you make with nature, with the natural world.  Perhaps you sense the oncoming Autumn while everyone is still at the beach in the middle of July. Sensing that there is something more than what you can see and what you already know is a precursor to a spiritual awakening and a spiritual awakening is, in turn, a precursor to the initial twin soul meeting.

Because this is the beginning of the twin soul relationship, of your relationship, things are very subtle and confusing. Often the twins deny that these things are happening because it may seem crazy, it does not conform to rationality, and no one seems to be experiencing the same thing. And even if the twins deny that there is such a thing as a twin soul, something deep down does not allow the denial to overtake it. Deep down the twins know that what is happening is real. This knowing does not come easily and it is tested with doubt and fear. If doubt and fear and even rational thinking fail to remove the love that the twins feel, or that you feel, then it because it is true and it is not going anywhere.






A red rose. A symbol of love.

A red rose. A symbol of love.