Mini Post 16: Why You Need a Regular Spiritual Practice

What constitutes a regular spiritual practice? The word regular here means habitual. So, a regular spiritual practice consists of regular/habitual meditation, continuous worship, continued exploration of spiritual knowledge, a sacred and personal place for spiritual purposes, and putting into practice the knowledge gained. The key to these things is that they are consistent and a wayContinue reading “Mini Post 16: Why You Need a Regular Spiritual Practice”

Mini Post 15: Energetic Cleanse with the Ocean

Maybe you have heard of this type of energy cleanse. It is common when referring to cleansing quartzes and crystals of negative energy or reprogramming them. There is a method of cleansing crystals that uses sea salt. The crystals are put in water with sea salt and left over night or any other variation the person would like.Continue reading “Mini Post 15: Energetic Cleanse with the Ocean”

Mini Post 14: Most Common to Least Common Causes of Negative Energy

If there is positive energy then there is negative energy. Just as positive energy affects the body, so too does negative energy. Positive energy can improve healing, negative energy can keep you from healing. Positive energy can enliven you, negative energy can make you tired. When it comes to sex, negative energy either keeps youContinue reading “Mini Post 14: Most Common to Least Common Causes of Negative Energy”