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Mini Post 16: Why You Need a Regular Spiritual Practice


What constitutes a regular spiritual practice? The word regular here means habitual. So, a regular spiritual practice consists of regular/habitual meditation, continuous worship, continued exploration of spiritual knowledge, a sacred and personal place for spiritual purposes, and putting into practice the knowledge gained. The key to these things is that they are consistent and a way of life. Truthfully, faith may wane as we go through challenges, and that is okay, but you need to have something to go back to when strength returns to you.

Why? Often we are faced with challenges that bog down our energies, causing a multitude of problems. Negative energy can cause fatigue, depression/sadness, anger, and even health issues. And so, many search for cleansings or for someone to cleanse their energies. The problem with this method of maintaining good energy is 1. you are dependent on another person and 2. you are not learning how to deal with these problems. Whereas if you have a spiritual practice from which to extract wisdom, you’ll be able to handle problems without having to resort to other methods.  Not every day is going to be good and when that happens, there is nothing better than knowing how to tackle whatever is challenging you.

Having your own spiritual practice empowers you not only in spiritual terms, but in general terms. Maintaining a spiritual practice will lead to you feeling less alone, connected to the world, to others, and even to the divine. And this will help garner the confidence to go out in the world and realize your dreams and goals. Finding a one time spell or cleansing will not bring about the changes and effects of a regular practice; and if they do, it will be momentary, whether for years, months, or days. Spells and cleansings require replenishment, meaning that in order for the effects to last you have to do them over and over. Cleansings are a natural and vital part of a practice, but doing them without a spiritual frame or without spiritual context is not as beneficial as doing them with the aid of Spirit.



Mini Post 15: Energetic Cleanse with the Ocean


Britannia Beach, by Matt Wiebe

Maybe you have heard of this type of energy cleanse. It is common when referring to cleansing quartzes and crystals of negative energy or reprogramming them. There is a method of cleansing crystals that uses sea salt. The crystals are put in water with sea salt and left over night or any other variation the person would like. But, there is an energetic cleanse for us non-rock substances. Since it is summer, it is beach season, making this energy cleanse super easy, fun, and accesible.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Jump into the ocean
  3. Swim around
  4. Go home

The point of an energetic cleanse is to remove negative energy, to cause a positive change in your life, to improve your current situation, etcetera. However, thousands of people go to the beach everyday and they do not notice or experience any changes or improvements. And why is that? Because most beach goers do not go swimming or to the beach with the intention of cleansing their energies. And so, why would their energies be cleansed when they didn’t ask for it?

But what if you do go to the beach with the intention of cleansing your energy? And what if nothing changes? What if you did the four steps above? Well, that is not enough. The steps above illustrate what everyone does when they go for an everyday beach day, not what someone who wants or needs the help of the ocean does.

So, here is what you should do:

  1. Set the tone for your beach day before you leave. Meditate on why you need or want an energy cleanse. If you’re a polytheist, meditate on your deity and ask his or her permission for the cleanse. Light a candle in his or her honor.
  2. Once you’re at the beach you don’t have to do any dramatic gestures or make any rings in the sand. Once you’re at the beach simply take in the air and be aware of how it all smells, how it makes you feel, and see. Look at the expanse of ocean, feel the sand in your hands and toes, the wind against your skin. And when you approach the ocean for a swim, do so with a humble heart.
  3. Before you start swimming freely, again, ask for permission to be cleansed. Ask for the cleansing and even tell why you want or need a cleanse. If you have spiritual experience, then you will know whether you have been granted permission. Remember the humility part and graciously accept either the cleansing or denial.
  4. Swim around and have fun. Forget about your problems.
  5. When leaving the ocean give thanks for allowing you to swim, for not drowning you, for not harming you, and for either denying or giving the cleanse.



Mini Post 14: Most Common to Least Common Causes of Negative Energy


If there is positive energy then there is negative energy. Just as positive energy affects the body, so too does negative energy. Positive energy can improve healing, negative energy can keep you from healing. Positive energy can enliven you, negative energy can make you tired. When it comes to sex, negative energy either keeps you from enjoying it or it will drive you to the extremes of pleasure until it becomes unenjoyable or dangerous.

Here are a few forms of negative energy: negative energy from partner/friends/enemies, negative/dark/evil spirits, curses/spells, negative energy from within, negative energy from illness. Some of the things I’ve listed may sound crazy. Enemies? Dark evil spirits? What is this? A fantasy novel? Curses? Let me guess, flying brooms too? I find it hard to believe in a universe that has only beings of light and love when this world is so filled with hate and pain. I believe that both exist.

Most Common to Least Common Causes of Negative Energy

1. Friends or enemies. Negative energy from friends or enemies. Think of energy as something that flows through everything, like a translucent blanket that changes color, like the aurora borealis. A friend in a bad mood comes to you and tells you his or her problems. You listen, become involved in the conversation, and then he or she leaves feeling better. You feel good about helping him or her. Or maybe you keep thinking about this person’s problems, maybe you feel what they feel, to a certain extent. In this case, there was an exchange of energy, your good energy for his or her negative energy. And this happens daily, naturally, mostly unintentionally. So don’t freak out start running away from your needy friends. There are good ways to avoid this. Now, negative energy from enemies. This is the most common of negative energy around. Envy and hate are the most common. Ill wishes towards someone, for example,Ying_yang_sign can negatively affect someone.

2. Negative energy from within. We have both good and evil within us and it all comes from the same source, the soul. We have the ability to do good things and do bad things. Negative energy can come from within and it can cause physical problems like weak erections, premature ejaculation, weak orgasms, and so on. Part of the problem is mental. How we think of ourselves affects how we feel about ourselves, and that affects our body itself.

3. Negative energy from illness. When we become ill our bodies’ natural defenses become weak. But the spirit to body connection also weakens. It is like the soul is slowly receding from the body and the body therefore begins to malfunction. This makes it easier for negative energy, negative thoughts and emotions, to affect your overall well being.

4.Negative spirits. Why would a spirit want to adversely affect your life? Just to make you miserable, to spread pain. Every religion of the world speaks of dark spirits, it is like day and night, it just is. Negative/dark spirits can sometimes be sent by someone else, which leads to the next point.

5. Curses and spells. The occult is a mysterious and scary place. Those that practice negative things do so because a. they are part of the darkness themselves or b. revenge. So, either you enjoy doing harm to others or someone has hurt so bad that you do everything to hurt them (and this can become a habit that spreads and suddenly revenge/anger/hate becomes a way of life that touches many). If you do a search online (’cause everything is online now) you will find many sites offering spells to negatively affect a lover. You will also find many spells to reverse the negative effects of those said curses.

6. God. Gods and Goddesses. The Universe. Source. This can either be the most common or the rarest cause of negative energy. Regardless, it is the absolute most difficult to explain and the most painful to understand.

So, the most common instance of negative energy affecting someone is the least harmful. And number 2 echoes the saying, “You are your own worst enemy.” Number 3 is also fairly common and through physical remedies along with spiritual nursing, can be overcome. 4 and 5 are a bit more rare, but still happen at a rate that is disappointing. How negative energy affects your life depends on what type it is and where you are most vulnerable. Simply being aware with what you are dealing with, whether it is yourself or from someone else, can greatly weaken the negativity.