What Love Does to a Spiritual Pracitce

Love is warm and it illuminates the darkest parts of the heart. When there is love, challenges and fears fade away, troubles melt away, and there is comfort, wholeness, light, and warmth. Love is the Sun of the Soul. When it comes to spiritual practices and all the different paths that exist, love is the oneContinue reading “What Love Does to a Spiritual Pracitce”

The Body: Introduction

  Namaste and welcome to your body.  That’s an odd thing to say, isn’t it? Welcome to your body? The body you and I presently have, we have known no other. We haven’t inhabited any body other than the one we presently have. At least, we do not always remember the bodies we have had inContinue reading “The Body: Introduction”

The Universe through the Yin Yang Symbol

The Universe is energy and there are different types of energies, different frequencies of energies. From the origin point, if there really is one, to infinity, if there really is no end. This energy is in everything. We can call it consciousness, or love, or energy, or even source. Whatever it is, it is found in everything. ItContinue reading “The Universe through the Yin Yang Symbol”