Guided Meditations (Video): Sleep and Reincarnation/Para dormir y la reincarnación

The first video is for those who have trouble falling asleep. The sounds of the Tibetan bowls guide the mind and body to relaxation and sleep. El primer video es para los que les cuesta dormirse. Con los sonidos de los cuencos tibetanos antiguos la mente y el cuerpo se van relajando hasta dormirse. TheContinue reading “Guided Meditations (Video): Sleep and Reincarnation/Para dormir y la reincarnación”

Mini Guide Post 8: Relaxing and Calming Your Energy

When we want to raise our energy we move our energy from the bottom up. We call the energy within us from the feet up the legs, to the stomach and heart, to up and out of the head. So, when we want to do the opposite and not be jumping and bursting with energy,Continue reading “Mini Guide Post 8: Relaxing and Calming Your Energy”

Warning! Hot Post: The Flaming Lotus

The Flaming Lotus exercise will help ignite the sexual energy that you already posses but may have become dormant and hidden beneath various thoughts or feelings. Practice and adjust this exercise to fulfill your needs. This will be beneficial if you are struggling not only with sexual and sexuality issues but also if you areContinue reading “Warning! Hot Post: The Flaming Lotus”