There are No Debts in Love

There are no debts in love. There is one type of love that inspires sighs and grand ideas. It is the type of love almost everyone wishes for; it is the unconditional love. We all have the ability to love unconditionally, but it is not easy. Aside from that, there are, unfortunately, those that cannotContinue reading “There are No Debts in Love”

Love, Hope, Patience, and the Focus of a Heart

Often, when searching for love, love is all the heart focuses on. Love is all the heart desires, wishes for, demands, hurts for, and beats for. Something bizarre happens when in love; everything else becomes irrelevant, less important, and the focus of the heart turns to that special person. Regardless of what type of relationship it isContinue reading “Love, Hope, Patience, and the Focus of a Heart”

What Love Does to a Spiritual Pracitce

Love is warm and it illuminates the darkest parts of the heart. When there is love, challenges and fears fade away, troubles melt away, and there is comfort, wholeness, light, and warmth. Love is the Sun of the Soul. When it comes to spiritual practices and all the different paths that exist, love is the oneContinue reading “What Love Does to a Spiritual Pracitce”