The Male Nipple Orgasm

A quick internet search concerning the topic of the male nipple or breast orgasm is futile and returns nothing but pornography. There are a couple of reasons why the male nipple orgasm is not common. I will refer to this type of orgasm as the male nipple orgasm because men don’t have breasts like women doContinue reading “The Male Nipple Orgasm”

Premature Ejaculation: What to NOT do or say during Sex

So it happened and suddenly things are awkward and embarrassing. That is the first thing that should not be done. Do not be embarrassed. Premature ejaculation happens and it is a natural thing, not every day will your sexual energy be high and some days you will be too tired. But embarrassment and all theContinue reading “Premature Ejaculation: What to NOT do or say during Sex”

Warning! Hot Post: How to know if she Really did have an orgasm.

How do you know if your partner really had an orgasm? How do you know that she felt the intense pleasure of orgasm and that she is not faking it? Many many women fake their orgasms for various reasons. The most common reason a woman fakes her orgasm is because she does not want toContinue reading “Warning! Hot Post: How to know if she Really did have an orgasm.”