Mini Post 13: Mini Exercise for Reflexology

I am not an expert in reflexology. I’m very new to this practice and weeks ago, I was skeptical of it. But recent experiences have changed my mind on this ancient practice. (Here is a little history and here is a useful video.) The idea is that the feet hold the map to the whole body.Continue reading “Mini Post 13: Mini Exercise for Reflexology”

The Body: The Feet – A Massage

  No part of your body is insignificant. Every single part of your body is a manifestation of your higher consciousness. This means that every single part of your body deserves to be loved and touched. By touching your feet and massaging your feet you become more familiar with this distant part of your body.Continue reading “The Body: The Feet – A Massage”

The Body: The Feet – Reflexology

Reflexology is a type of massage that is focused on the feet. It is an ancient practice and its origins are unknown. Many ancient cultures practiced reflexology to heal and care for its peoples; such as, the Egyptians, the Greeks/Romans, and the Japanese (these are the well-known societies that have left behind historical evidence, butContinue reading “The Body: The Feet – Reflexology”