Categorizing Love

When it comes to love, there is an obsession that overwhelms people. Almost everyone is searching for love. We all go about it differently. Some use online dating and now, dating apps. Others stick to traditional forms of finding love and use their friends, family, or leave it to chance. Somehow, we are all searchingContinue reading “Categorizing Love”

There are No Debts in Love

There are no debts in love. There is one type of love that inspires sighs and grand ideas. It is the type of love almost everyone wishes for; it is the unconditional love. We all have the ability to love unconditionally, but it is not easy. Aside from that, there are, unfortunately, those that cannotContinue reading “There are No Debts in Love”

Sex Toys: How and Why They are Beneficial

Sex toys. There is a lot of stigma and perhaps misinformation about using sex toys and the people that use them. But sex toys are not bad or harmful and the people that use them are not necessarily sex addicts. The benefits of using sex toys depend on how they are used and how we think aboutContinue reading “Sex Toys: How and Why They are Beneficial”