Sexuality, Spirituality, Sacred Sex, and Tantra

Where does one’s sexuality fit within the spiritual? Does it matter if I’m gay or lesbian? Does it matter if I’m transsexual? I am not a virgin, is that okay? I’m a virgin, what about me? Can I practice Tantra? Can I reach enlightenment even though I’m gay? It does not matter where you standContinue reading “Sexuality, Spirituality, Sacred Sex, and Tantra”

Hot Post: The Female Breast Orgasm

 The female breasts are the two points on a woman’s body where her sexuality mingles with her heart. The breasts are where a woman’s partner finds arousal, causes arousal, a place that is admired, caressed, and loved. Regardless of the size of a woman’s breasts, the size and shape of the areolae, breasts are intimatelyContinue reading “Hot Post: The Female Breast Orgasm”

Understanding the Question: How do you please a woman?

Many want to know how to please a woman. Pleasing a woman can mean many things. There is sexual pleasure which is physical and there is emotional/mental pleasure which is intangible. There isn’t one single answer to this question. Whether it is a long-term partner or a new partner or even a casual encounter, pleasingContinue reading “Understanding the Question: How do you please a woman?”