Sex as Something More than Sex

Sex is how humanity has lasted for thousands and thousands of years. Sex is how one expresses love for another. Sex can also be just another sport. Aside from these three functions of sex, there is one more. Sex can function as a bridge to the spiritual world regardless if you are alone are inContinue reading “Sex as Something More than Sex”

Premature Ejaculation: What to NOT do or say during Sex

So it happened and suddenly things are awkward and embarrassing. That is the first thing that should not be done. Do not be embarrassed. Premature ejaculation happens and it is a natural thing, not every day will your sexual energy be high and some days you will be too tired. But embarrassment and all theContinue reading “Premature Ejaculation: What to NOT do or say during Sex”

Increasing Your Sexual Energy

Sometimes the desire to have sex and to make love with and to your partner is just not there either because there is too much going on or because of exhaustion or even because there is no passion. Because there is no passion it does not mean that there is not love which could be veryContinue reading “Increasing Your Sexual Energy”