Twin Souls: The Physical Signs

When you meet your twin soul there are not only spiritual signs but physical signs too. Because of the constant and intense exchange of energy between the twins, certain changes begin to happen between both of them. Physical Sign 1: Gestures/Mannerisms Twin souls are really two independent souls, two whole souls, and together they formContinue reading “Twin Souls: The Physical Signs”

The Near Twin

There are soul mates. There are twin souls. Within the category of soul mates there are a variety of sub categories, each one providing a different facet of love. We all have soul mates and we all have twin souls; however, not everyone is here to be with their twin, not everyone is looking for aContinue reading “The Near Twin”

What does it feel like when you’re with your soul-mate?

It’s a funny thing, finding a soul-mate. There are many soul-mates, different kinds/types of soul-mates, and we all have soul-mates. But there is always that one special soul-mate, that one person that you can spend the rest of your life with. The romantic soul-mate is the one relationship that can last a lifetime. Out ofContinue reading “What does it feel like when you’re with your soul-mate?”