Mini Post 12: Spirit Guides

What are spirit guides? As the name states: spirit guides are spirits that guide people. But what are they? In the realm of the spiritual, behind the curtain, in the shadows, hidden away from the physical eyes are many things. The easiest type of non-physical thing you can encounter are ghosts. After ghosts you have spirit guides.Continue reading “Mini Post 12: Spirit Guides”

The Body: The Feet

The feet are the foundation of the human body. The feet are the roots to the base of the body that ground you to the earth. At the simplest level, your feet are a vital part of your body that allow you to walk. The parts of the foot include the toes, the heel, and theContinue reading “The Body: The Feet”

Energy through the Body and Alignment with the Higher Self

What is alignment with the Higher Self? What does it even mean? Think of yourself as a temple; a temple lined with white columns, where your arms and legs are the columns, upholding the infinite and star shinning universe. Think of yourself as an obelisk with hieroglyphs on and all around your sides, glowing gold and whiteContinue reading “Energy through the Body and Alignment with the Higher Self”