Mini Post 16: Why You Need a Regular Spiritual Practice

What constitutes a regular spiritual practice? The word regular here means habitual. So, a regular spiritual practice consists of regular/habitual meditation, continuous worship, continued exploration of spiritual knowledge, a sacred and personal place for spiritual purposes, and putting into practice the knowledge gained. The key to these things is that they are consistent and a wayContinue reading “Mini Post 16: Why You Need a Regular Spiritual Practice”

Spirituality in the forest, mountains, or city?

Where do you practice your form of spirituality? Do you have to go to the mountains in order to feel that inner connection? Do you have to be near the ocean to experience the motions of your soul just as the waves rise and fall? Or do you live in a city that doesn’t shutContinue reading “Spirituality in the forest, mountains, or city?”

The Body: Introduction

  Namaste and welcome to your body.  That’s an odd thing to say, isn’t it? Welcome to your body? The body you and I presently have, we have known no other. We haven’t inhabited any body other than the one we presently have. At least, we do not always remember the bodies we have had inContinue reading “The Body: Introduction”