Tarot Horror: 10 Seconds to Leave

Today is Sunday. The sun came out gently and the crisp smell of winter surrounded my home. My neighbors were, for once, quiet. Then, I remembered that someone was coming in today for a morning consult. I had already met her two days ago. I met this lady, whose name I don’t know, when IContinue reading “Tarot Horror: 10 Seconds to Leave”

Tarot: One of My Horrible Experiences and Its Lessons

Namaste, friends. I begin by telling you all this story that happened just yesterday. I am fascinated by the tarot and do readings for friends and referrals that they bring me. I don’t do it on a regular basis, just when someone comes along with questions. I usually start the reading by lighting a candleContinue reading “Tarot: One of My Horrible Experiences and Its Lessons”

What can the Tarot Reveal?

The tarot is a very versatile tool, but what can we see when do readings or what can we expect to be told when receiving a reading? I went around the internet looking at tarot websites that connect tarot readers with customers and what I found was very disappointing and frustrating. First of all, thereContinue reading “What can the Tarot Reveal?”