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The Different Levels of Communication through Omens



When looking around your world and searching for divine signs, guidance, and messages, things are never just what they seem. The world is not flat, the universe is not flat; therefore, the world around us is not one sided. This is the beauty of seeing the world through a spiritual lens; it is being able to see the rainbow both as individual colors and as a united manifestation of various things (water, heat, light, color). So, whenever trying to decipher what feels like a message from the universe, whether you feel it is from angels, Gods, God, your higher self, spirit guides, be aware that there are different aspects to what is being presented to you.

Because communication between the different spheres of existence is difficult and even forbidden to a certain extent, symbols and signs are commonly employed. An omen is something that has prophetic weight, meaning that it signifies or shows what will be coming in the future. An omen can be anything from numbers to symbols, to animals, song lyrics catching your attention at a precise moment to make you think something, and so on. The great amount of variations that can be omens makes the deciphering of the message all the more difficult. But that does not mean it is not possible. Also, for someone who is only just becoming aware of the messages or omens, the communication is kept at a basic level.

Basic signs and omens are usually numbers and symbols. The symbols most commonly used because of their simplicity and universality are animals. If communication is first established through the use of animal symbols, then the representation of the omen will be inanimate; meaning that it could be a figurine, a drawing that calls to you and then you see other images of the same animal, and so on.

A more complex and advanced level of communication would be through omens as living animals. This is more difficult because then not only does it matter what animal it is but also what the animal is doing, how it is behaving, and how it makes you feel. Furthermore, on even a more complex level, on a level where telepathy now begins to be used, the animal omen is able to communicate on behalf of Spirit. For example, you are walking down the street and suddenly a black cat jumps out in front of you. Most would think black cats are negative omens, but in the moment you do not feel the cat is being aggressive or that it brings with it negativity. The cat hisses at you, makes eye contact, and you know it is communicating with you. Something inside you urges you to watch the cat, to hone in on it as much as your human capabilities allow you to. And then the cat does a strange gesture, quite humanistic in its movement; it moves its head as if beckoning you to follow it. And you do. This is the stuff of science fiction novels yet it is real. Communication like this is rare because of the fragility of the human mind, but it is one way the Universe relays messages.

The other basic signs are numbers. Repeating numbers is the most common. For example, seeing the same number everywhere, on license plates, shirts, billboards, and so on. You may like the number three. Why? I don’t know. Let’s just say you do. So, you go for a job interview and turns out the office is on the third floor. By the time you are done with the whole interview process it is three in the afternoon. What does this mean? It can mean that you are not alone, that your spirit guides are trying to comfort you, that they have led you to a safe place, and so on. It depends heavily on the associations you make with the number.

A more complex level of numerical communication is time. We tell time using four digits and if one number has various meanings, coupling those possibilities times four and the variations beneath each four, amounts to multiple interpretations. The exception to this would be 11:11, 12:12, and so on. When numbers are coupled their singular meanings are strengthened, meaning that what 11 normally means is amplified when it becomes 11 11. To read more about 11 11 go to sacredscribesangelnumbers. The author of that blog is Joanne Walmsley and her information, in my experience, is accurate and extremely useful. Her explanations are approachable and direct, making the whole process of learning how to interpret these types of messages less foreboding.

On top of the communication that happens when we look at our watches and become aware of the sun’s position in sky, there is another form of communication that also uses time, except it does so in a cosmic way. This is probably the most ominous yet most exciting form of synchronicity and divine communication there is. A simple example of this type of synchronicity/coincidence and communication is birthdays. Sharing the same birthday with someone is always surprising and joyful. A more complex form of communication through time is the amount of time lapsed between certain meaningful events, or the repetition of unrelated life events around the same time of year, and so on. Deciphering this type of communication has to be done case by case. But one brief example is this: You broke up with your partner in September and spend weeks without seeing him or her. Then you are in an on and off again relationship with them. January comes around and again you are in a relationship with them. But come September and you break up again. And the relationship feels inevitable, like no matter how hard you try, you can’t get away. Why does this keep happening? In this case it is because the universe is waiting for you to learn your lesson, for you to become aware of something, and it keeps repeating until the possibility of learning from this relationship is spent. And if you do not learn from this and move on, later on in life, the relationship will repeat itself somehow with someone else. This is a bit of a tangent, but this is also one of the principles of reincarnation.

Perhaps even less common than all but still on a basic level, colors are used to communicate. It really shouldn’t be so surprising as artists are the biggest voices in this communication medium. Artists use colors and at the subconscious level, there is some sort of communication, they are relaying something from within them to the world. But I digress, Spirit may use colors to communicate with you to provide comfort more than anything else. This type of omen is not so heavy on predictions. I think of this type of communication as gifts, when Spirit decides to give you gifts and wrap you in celestial love.




Telepathy and Intuition


Writing is a form of communication that can travel far and reach many. Not only is writing a mobile form of communication, but it is also a long-lasting form. We move our mouths and produce odd sounds that we somehow comprehend, and this forms our main method of communication. We communicate through touch, gestures, facial expressions, and body language. There is a constant exchange of information between you and the world around you, between you and the people around you. For example, you are walking down a crowded hallway. People are scattered about, some sitting on the floor, most standing around, others focused on their phones, and some engaged in conversation. Though you don’t make much of it, though you don’t really notice it, though you are thinking your thoughts, there is an exchange going on between you and these strangers. You notice most are ignoring you and you may notice someone checking you out, whatever it is, you are receiving information from what you perceive and what that perception makes you feel. That is the basic and physical form of communication we constantly participate in.

Many think that communication between human beings is limited to the physical senses. How else can you communicate if not with what is visible, tangible, and heard? Yet many have had experiences that challenge the assumption that communication is limited to the physical. Many often describe an odd feeling in their lower stomach before horrible events. Sometimes just the phrase “I knew that was going to happen” sums up that indescribable experience. For example, you’re working at your computer and you get thirsty. You get up, go and get a drink, and come back to your computer. You try to find the perfect spot where you won’t spill your drink. Maybe here. Maybe there. You put the cup down. Then pick it up. Maybe not there. Eh, I’ll just leave there. And you start working again. Moments later, you manage to spill the drink all over. “I knew that was going to happen,” you muttered as you rush to salvage your computer and whatever else. Intuition? Yes, a minor instance of intuition.

Intuition is often described or thought of as a superpower. Mothers often have a very strong sense of intuition when it comes to their children. Even scientists cannot deny or fully explain intuition between mothers and their children.

But what is intuition?

Intuition is a sense that belongs to the extrasensory abilities we all naturally have. Extrasensory perception (ESP) is the thing of psychics and ghosts, of the X-Files and Spooky Mulder, of candles and incense. At least, that is the mainstream perception of intuition. Intuition is seen as something obscure, secret, dangerous, unholy, unnatural, and it is relegated to the darker corners of the imagination. And so, in order to begin to understand and even awaken your intuition, you need to let go of what you think intuition is. As always, when delving into the spiritual and learning, learning anything really, having an open mind and being as aware as possible, are the most beneficial and important things.

So intuition is a sense. You have the physical five senses which are: sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell. And then you have the nonphysical senses of which intuition is one. There are many nonphysical senses: telepathy, intuition, precognition, scrying, etc. There are many psychic or spiritual abilities and many overlap each other. Telepathy and intuition are very closely related. Scrying and clairvoyance are closely related. But the reason telepathy and intuition are grouped here and are being discussed here, is because  these two abilities are the ones that can bring people closer to each other. Telepathy and intuition are abilities that can unite a couple. These are the abilities that can connect you to your spirit guides, to the Gods, to angels, and ascended masters. Telepathy and intuition open the doors of the spiritual reality.

Intuition is that moment when you decide to follow your gut feeling, that instinct, instead of your mind. And the manifestation of intuition is the moment when following through gets you positive results.

Telepathy is different. Whereas intuition is somewhat of a subconscious action, telepathy is a conscious action. Telepathy won’t happen without some amount of effort. Through meditation telepathy can be developed. But how does it work? It is not so easy to explain. For each person telepathy will feel different, work and develop differently. Telepathy is the conscious interpretation of energy, because life is energy. Every living thing, and perhaps even the inanimate, has energy. When we interpret feelings into worded messages, that is telepathy. When two people communicate their thoughts while being in separate rooms, that is telepathy. And it happens because their energies have connected for however long the communication lasts. They are able to understand each other without using words.

Telepathy is communicating with a language beyond words, a language higher than the dense physical existence. Telepathy is the language of the soul.