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Twin Souls: Lists of Characteristics


Every twin soul relationship is different, but there are certain characteristics that define this relationship. Here are two lists of relationship characteristics for quick reference. The first list is the most common traits of the relationship and the second list is the rarer or more advanced traits.

Common Characteristics of a Twin Soul Relationship:

  • spiritual revolution (becoming more spiritual, development of intuition and psychic abilities, change of religion or beliefs)
  • dreams of the other person
  • ability to feel what the other is feeling
  • similar life paths or childhood (often the life of one twin reflects the opposite of the other while still being similar)
  • coincidences (meeting each other without intention, running into each other without planning)
  • signs (either numbers, colors, symbols, songs, even message sent through people, things that happen at just the right moment to mean something)
  • feeling like you’ve know this person since before anything (and on the same note, feeling like no one understands what you are going through)
  • questioning reality and your sanity (Is this possible? Am I going crazy?)

Rarer/Advanced Characteristics of a Twin Soul Relationship:

  • Telepathy (ability to have full conversations without physically being together)
  • Sexual Telepathy (ability to have sex without being physically together)
  • Energetic influence (ability to affect each other’s lives with intent/will and/or through magickal practice)
  • Enlightenment
  • Deliberate dream communication
  • Deliberate exchange of thought/ideas/etc.
  • Knowledge of previous lives
  • Ability to identify surrounding soul mates, near twin, etc.

The difference between the lists and the different stages of the twin soul relationship is awareness and will. As the twins join together, their awareness expands, allowing them to connect more.

If you think there should be something else added to either list, comment below and I’ll add. To read detailed posts on the topic read this  and this.





Inspired by a comment. Thanks Gary.





Twin Souls vs. Soul Mates: The Difference at the Beginning


“Zinnowitz Beach” by Adrian D.

What is the difference between a soul mate and a twin soul? For some, these terms are interchangeable. Some people use the term twin soul to describe any romantic relationship. And for others that have never heard of the term twin soul, they use the term soul mate for every romantic relationship. But, that is not the case. As always, I am also going to include the other perspective, and that is that such things as twin souls and soul mates don’t exist. But, I think that they do and I think using these two terms interchangeably causes confusion, misinformation, disappointment, and so on.

See, we are talking about love. Love is something intimate that every person experiences differently and that makes it difficult to talk about in broad terms. We’re trying to specify and categorize this huge, metaphysically gaseous thing and that is going to create grey areas. A certain points, soul mates and twin soul characteristics overlap and this can cause even more confusion.

But there is one easy way to describe the main difference of these relationships: soul mate relationships are easy while twin soul relationships are filled with hardship. Now, I want to be careful in explaining what I mean by easy.

When soul mate find each other there is an instant connection. They start talking easily. They have a lot in common. They have the same interests. For example, there is a bus stop. At the bus stop there is a woman waiting for the bus. Man comes around and also waits for the bus, taking his place two feet away from her. They look at each other, casually, and immediately and simultaneously each thinks and feels “Hey! I know you! How you doin’?”

So, when I say a soul mate relationship is easy I do not mean that the couple won’t have challenges. Soul mates, like everyone else, will deal with jealousy, hate, fear, and anything else life wants to throw at them. But what makes or shows the soul mate connection is that familiarity with each other.

On the contrary, when twin souls find each other it is a bit different. Let’s keep the same scenario to illustrate the differences. There is a bus stop. At the bus stop there is a woman waiting for the bus. Man comes around and also waits for the bus, taking his place two feet away from her. They look at each other, casually, and immediately and simultaneously each becomes tense. Something at the core of both twins tenses and each thinks “Woa! What am I doing in there?”

Each of the twins see’s herself or himself in the other and that can be unnerving. At first it is like a jolt of electricity that runs deep down the spine, deep into the very core of your soul. And it is like looking into the sun, blinding, blinding with truth. Each recognizes himself in the other and that is strange. What am I doing in there? Aren’t I here? In my own body? My god, we may have different bodies and have little physical similitude, but boy do you look like me.

This is the difference between the relationships at the beginning of each. Of course, each couple is going to experience its own beginning and each will come into their own knowledge.





Synchronicity and Coincidences



There is a fine line between synchronicity and coincidences. But really, what is the difference between these two terms? Well, the famous psychologist Carl Jung came up with the term in the early 1900’s. Synchronicity is how some identify separate events that are not related but do have a connected meaning. What that meaning is depends entirely on the person. And in the times before the term synchronicity was created, what were these strange coincidences called? I think they were called Providence. The term Providence, however, is not grounded in psychology but in religion. Providence is a term that was and sometimes is still used by Catholics and Christians. Providence and synchronicity are basically the same thing. Both ideas are based on the belief of some unknown force affecting our reality, usually to our benefit. Coincidences are just your every day haphazard connections that are somehow strangely related, and it is a more dismissive way of viewing the events.

So what does this all mean? We are always looking for meaning, aren’t we? There are skeptics that will say coincidences are just that, coincidences. There is no meaning between these random events and you are the one imagining the connections. But there are times when things happen and keep happening in a manner that makes you question the validity of your reality and your beliefs. And it is in those times that synchronicity starts to become evident. When does this happen? When does God move his hand behind your reality and molds it to affect you? When do the Gods interfere or make you aware of the many connections that exist? When does the Universe move to unite the chaos in a meaningful way?

For some, synchronicity starts in moments of intense difficulty. Deep depression, anger, frustration, sadness, fear, are all emotions that drag down your spirit. But often, if we try, we find that there is a glimmer of hope in our hearts. If not hope, then wishes, wishes of change or improvement. And it is that wish or hope that calls to whatever it is that can cause these synchronicities. I have my beliefs as to who or what causes synchronicities, but it is important for you to know your own beliefs when it comes to this.

For others, synchronicity starts when they begin their spiritual path. And in this case, these meaningful coincidences lead to spiritual improvement. Maybe you meet someone with the same beliefs and develop a relationship where you both exchange ideas. Maybe you find that you can suddenly travel to that place you’ve always wanted to go because something else happened and eventually you can trace this opportunity to you stepping into that yoga studio. So, synchronicity is complicated and it is almost like looking through the eyes of God or the Gods.

Lastly, synchronicity happens to those who are in love. Soul mates and twin souls and near twins all experience synchronicity, Each type of couple experiences synchronicity at varying intensities and different types of synchronicity. Why does this happen? Love is a powerful thing and it attracts love. Love can move the world.

Now, it is important to be realistic and honest. There is what we can call a dark side to synchronicity. Usually, when bad things happen people blame it on coincidence and not on synchronicity, but I disagree. Another thing one has to be careful with is overanalyzing things, over-attributing things.

In a way, synchronicity was created in an attempt to see through the eyes of God.