Feminism, Equality, and Spirituality

In our souls, as in our bodies, we have male and female aspects. If you want to get technical, both men and women have testosterone and estrogen, the two hormones that give form to our sex. But in spiritual terms, we both have female and male energy. My favorite symbol that represents this is theContinue reading “Feminism, Equality, and Spirituality”

The Universe through the Yin Yang Symbol

The Universe is energy and there are different types of energies, different frequencies of energies. From the origin point, if there really is one, to infinity, if there really is no end. This energy is in everything. We can call it consciousness, or love, or energy, or even source. Whatever it is, it is found in everything. ItContinue reading “The Universe through the Yin Yang Symbol”

Mini Post 7: Symbols

What are symbols? When analyzing literature I often focus on the symbols found throughout specific works. But what are symbols? A symbol is an image. But not any image can be a symbol. In a novel, a symbol is an image that occurs throughout the work at important scenes, important events, with specific characters, andContinue reading “Mini Post 7: Symbols”